zoom in on Alexandre Boyer, licensed in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

that WISDOM network specialized in insurance brokerage for private individuals and professionalslooking back at Alexandre Boyer’s career, WISDOM licensee since 2012 with his brokerage firm A3B in Vichy.


The new alternative to the insurance industry

The SAGESSE network specializes in insurance brokerage for individuals and professionals, and offers you comprehensive support as part of your brokerage business.

An entrepreneur at heart

With his BTS specializing in sales negotiation, Alexandre Boyer began a professional career in the insurance area in 2008. Account manager for AXA for 4 years, the entrepreneurial adventure tempted him. It is only natural that in 2012 he inaugurated his brokerage firm A3B in Vichy and joined SAGESSE brand license network.

Alexandre Boyer is in charge of the commercial aspect and is supported by his mother in the administrative management of the company. The two licensees complement each other perfectly in their role with their insured clientele. Consisting mainly of professionals and companies, the customers are mostly located in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region where they are located.

Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of local economic substanceAlexandre Boyer quickly gained an excellent reputation in the region. More than 500 customers testify to their competences. Many of them recommend him and the practice is growing.

Its services range from conclusion of the insurance contract to handling their endorsements or claims. It also offers being even closer to its customers audit and risk analysis and travel to their homes or workplaces.

His choice for the SAGESSE network

Looking for strong partnerships with insurance companies and comprehensive support to develop his business, Alexandre chose WISDOM as a trusted partner. He explains: “In 2012, I saw SAGESSE as a diamond in the rough. The network already had great development potential. Ten years later, it is clear that the network has continued to grow so much that it is part of the top 20 national brokers. »

that licensee rapidly develops the WISDOM concept over a wide catchment and is offered the title ofpartner in the AMI3F group.

In 2017, it was WISDOM network gets a new boost and expands its network to the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Alexandre and his colleagues Olivia Brunel and Joël Vergne will stay group affiliates and associates. Their new mission is to study requests for membership to the network and support new graduates in the realization of their project.

Alexandre Boyer takes his role very seriously in selecting, explaining, advising and supporting future candidates in their new insurance broker profession: “As an insurance broker, I work on behalf of my clients and not for a dedicated company. My goal is to leave the client well insured and therefore well compensated in the event of damage.”

If you want to become a player in the development of your region like Alexandre within a human-sized insurance broker network, go to the SAGESSE brand sheet.

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