Zemmour’s lawyer considers the rejection of the dismissal of the trial “discriminatory”

Me Olivier Pardo, Éric Zemmour’s lawyer, deplored on BFMTV the decision not to dismiss his client’s trial for contesting a crime against humanity.

Report rejected. Éric Zemmour’s appeal trial after his controversial remarks about Marshal Pétain, whom he described as the “savior” of the Jews, was held well on Thursday, in the absence of the lawyer for the person concerned.

Me Olivier Pardo, who had asked for the dismissal of the trial, was not followed by the court. He immediately left the courtroom, judging that his client was not treated as another presidential candidate might have been.

“Two days ago, Anne Hidalgo was faced with the same situation. She was on appeal before the same court of appeal,” says Éric Zemmour’s lawyer on our set. “Her lawyer writes saying that she is in the electoral campaign, this will interfere with the debate, we are asking for the postponement”. The court grants Anne Hidalgo a postponement after April 24. There, we plead but the civil parties s oppose”, he continues.

A double standard that he condemns and which motivated him according to his words to leave the hearing: “I left because at some point we cannot accept something that is discriminatory”.

“It feeds those who think there is political justice”

“We are delighted that the court did not grant the request for dismissal, insofar as the comments made by Éric Zemmour are comments that are ignominious and that Mr. Zemmour has every opportunity to defend himself before the court. court since the serenity of the debates is in no way called into question”, welcomed on the contrary Dominique Sopo, president of SOS Racisme, one of the associations civil party to the trial.

“It is precisely because he is a litigant like any other that he should not be reproached or apply discriminatory measures”, answers him this evening Me Olivier Pardo. “When I see that there is such a differentiated treatment and in such a crude way between two identical situations as two candidates in the presidential election, I say that it feeds those who think that there is political justice”.

If the dismissal of the trial will not take place, the decision of the court of appeal will however be made only after the second round of the presidential election. The Advocate General demanded a sentence of 100 day-fines of 100 euros, i.e. a fine of 10,000 euros which can be transformed into imprisonment in the event of non-payment.

Hugues Garnier with AFP BFMTV journalist

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