Young driver car insurance: Compare and save a lot of money

You may have passed your driving license and passed it with flying colours, for the insurance companies you are still a young driver with all the risks that can entail. In fact, you have neither bonus nor penalty, and your ability to drive without taking risks is unknown. This is why car insurance for young drivers is often expensive. And that’s bad news, because when you’re young, you often have a small budget.

Discover the best car insurance for young drivers with the Le Parisien comparison

To pay less for your young car insurance, you can choose a few tips. The first is to start driving your parent’s car, who may list you on their insurance as a second driver. It’s a good way to start collecting bonuses, provided you don’t get into an accident where it’s your fault! If you decide to buy your first car, choose a used model and insure it with a third party: it is much cheaper than all-risk insurance, but this choice must be adapted to the vehicle. Finally, if you’ve been driving accompanied, don’t forget to mention it when you take out a subscription: this generally helps lower the price of car insurance.

Young driver car insurance: take the time to compare

The Le Parisien car insurance comparison is relevant to use for young drivers: it allows you to quickly display a selection of suitable contracts as well as their prices. You can thus immediately get an overview of what your car insurance can cost you, and take it out immediately if you wish.

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