Would you be willing to pay to watch Love is in the meadow again without commercials?

M6 announces the release of a paid video-on-demand service to review its programs without commercials and in better conditions: 6Play Max.

Viewers looking to catch up on M6 programs now have an additional solution. In addition to 6Play, which allows you to watch programs live or in replays, the private channel inaugurates 6Play Max this Tuesday, October 11, 2022. It is an offer similar to 6Play, but with a “premium” logic – so , must be paid.

6Play Max: paid replay of M6, without advertising

The subscription is set at 3.99 euros per month, after a promotional period of one year, when it costs only 2.99 euros per month (and a discovery period of one week). In return for this amount, M6 subtracts advertising from the vast majority of this rebroadcast content (live is excluded as are some programs due to specific contracts).

People who follow the channel’s flagship programmes, such as Love is in the meadow, Top chef Where Capital, but also soap operas, will thus be able to catch up or report previous broadcasts, at least for a period of 30 days after live broadcast. In total, the channel offers 6,500 hours of content through this channel, without commercial breaks.

The announcement of the 6Play Max offer. // Source: Screenshot

The price list adopted by M6 is in line with the one chosen by TF1 for its MyTF1 Max offer, which is based on the same principle: paid video on demand, by subscription. The first channel also charges 3.99 euros per month for access. The release of MyTF1 Max dates back to November 21, 2021 – here again, the first year enjoys a discount to cost only 2.99 euros per month.

Besides the absence of commercials and the extended rebroadcast window (30 days instead of 7), 6Play Max includes a few other advantages, including high-definition (1080p) streaming and the ability to cast programs from the TV to the TV. The 6play app. The formula is non-binding. For those who don’t want to pay, access to 6Play is maintained just like ads. Just like before.

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