Worlds – Track – Grégory Baugé: “We are not yet ready for the Olympics”

I didn’t expect that… it was stronger than 2015 in terms of emotions.” To his first experience as a coach under one WC, Gregory Baugedoes notappointed national sprint coach a few months ago, draws a satisfactory assessment Worlds 2022. With a total of seven medals, including three gold charms, the French team, led by Mathilde Gross, new individual speed world champion, rose to the challenge despite some disappointments. That Francethird in the hierarchy behind Netherlands andItaly and on par withGermany, achieved his best result since the 2017 Worlds.

Video – Grégory Baugé after the 2022 World Championships!

“There has been a huge development at Mathilde Gros”

Among the satisfactions: Mathilde Gross, new individual speed world champion. “Mathilde went through very difficult times, but she gave herself the means to come back. There has been a huge development in her“, Explain Gregory Bauge – the nickname “The Tiger” when he was a track rider – at the microphone off Cyclism’Actu. Among the disappointments: men’s sprint, incl Sebastien Vigier that shone below European Championships (entitled individual speed and keirin): “We won’t get far in the keirin but clearly, staff and riders, hoped for better. We don’t have anyone on the last day who is busy. It is very mixed. That is why, even if the overall balance is positive, we do not fall asleep. The goal is the Olympics, and we are not ready yet.

Summary of French medals

Gold (3): Mathilde Gros (individual sprint), Marie-Divine Kouamé (500m), American men (Donavan Grondin and Benjamin Thomas)

Silver (3): Melvin Landerneau (kilometer), Benjamin Thomas (omnium), American women (Clara Copponi and Valentine Fortin)

Bronze (1): women’s team pursuit (Victoire Berteau, Marion Borras, Clara Copponi and Valentine Fortin)

NB: As a reminder, below Paris Olympic Games in 2024 there will be only six disciplines represented: individual sprint M and F, team sprint M and F, omnium M and F, American M and F, team pursuit M and F and keirin H and F. With this program, France would thus have achieved five medals (two gold, two silver, one bronze).

The medal table

1. The Netherlands: 10 (4 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze)

2. Italy: 7 (4 in gold, 3 in silver)

3. Germany: 7 (3 in gold, 3 in silver, 1 in bronze)

3. France : 7 (3 in gold, 3 in silver, 1 in bronze)

5. Great Britain: 10 (3 gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze)

6. Belgium: 4 (2 in gold, 2 in bronze)

7. Australia: 3 (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)

8. USA: 3 (1 in gold, 2 in bronze)

9. Canada: 1 (1 in gold)

10. New Zealand 3 (2 silver, 1 bronze)


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