Wonders of Street View: Discover the hidden and crazy side of Google Street View

Neal Agarwal, the handy developer behind the Armageddon Asteroid Launcher simulator, has created a website to show us the hidden side of Google Street View. Baptized Wonders of Street View, it makes us discover hundreds of scenes that are sometimes spectacular, artistic, strange and sometimes dizzying.

I spent a few weeks compiling a list of weird and interesting places from articles and lists, then tried to find them on Google Street View
”, explains Neal Agarwal. ”
Other people have also shared strange places and anomalies they’ve found on Street View over the years, so I’ve tried to find and include those as well. I think I’ve spent dozens of hours on Street View over the past month.

This dive quickly becomes addictive and we can’t help but click the “Random” button to discover the next surprise that Street View has in store for us. As we wandered around, we encountered a man with three legs, a 360° view of the International Space Station, the largest moose antler arch in Wyoming, a car stuck to the facade of a building, a train graveyard in Bolivia, a semi -trailer parked vertically, Spiderman confronts enemies…

According to Neal Agarwal, Wonders of Street View currently has 300 locations to explore. ”
The website integrates the views of Google Maps “, he clarifies. ”
I intend to keep adding new street views! If anyone finds something cool on Street View, send it to me.

CNET.com article adapted by CNETFrance

Images: Google/neal.fun

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