Without a license, without insurance, he fled after causing an accident

After hitting a vehicle on the RD84, not far from the La Valbonne military camp, a 35-year-old man fled… before going to the gendarmerie yesterday. He was remanded in custody.

On Saturday 15 October around 12:30, on the D84 branch road, near the La Valbonne military camp, there was a traffic accident between two vehicles with a total of four people on board. The firefighters intervened and medicated two slightly injured men, two men aged 24 and 39, while a third was unharmed.

However, the 35-year-old driver of the vehicle responsible for the accident had disappeared from the radar. But his escape did not last long: he presented himself to the gendarmerie yesterday afternoon. Without a driver’s license and without insurance, he was taken into police custody and must answer for these matters in court.

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