Wishes for 2023 from Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomeration: “Be ready and know how to bounce back” – Saint-Brieuc

The Hermione Room of the Saint-Brieuc Expo Congrès hosted this Tuesday evening the wishes of the Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomeration. A must, almost a ritual, undermined in the last two years due to Covid-19. And a first persona for President Ronan Kerdraon, who was to observe the exercise, in 2021 and 2022, with video interpolated.

This Tuesday, in Brézillet, no great lyrical flights, no triumph, no great lessons in general politics. Tributes and thanks, on the other hand. To emphasize that the last few years have been trying, for everyone, each in their own way. The community has all the indicators to finely quantify the scale of the sequence of crises. And to see that the difficulties are still present at best.

The Hermione Room hosted this pledge ceremony in 2023. (Le Télégramme / Nicolas Salles)

pragmatism and reality

“We are on a liner, sometimes heavy to maneuver,” said the mayor of Plérin. Who wanted to reassure, even from the start. The officers, of course. Neighboring community, represented. And the actors in the economic world. “We will continue to provide our support”, assures the city council member. Recognizing that the framework was financially limited, more and more. And that choices must be made. “To rule is to choose”, reminded Mendès France. Without quoting him, Ronan Kerdraon will have preferred this Tuesday evening: “Deciding sometimes means knowing how to report. No, we will not do everything”. Choices will be dictated by pragmatism and a reality that the necessary sobriety, including energy, first comes today, amplifies final.

Investing in “the basics”

Projects, Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomeration on duty. The President mentioned them: “Innovation totem, Kerval, the hydrogen sector, territorial food project, nautical, cultural and sports events through the 32 municipalities of Agglo”. Investments, “on the basics. About what is politically mandatory and where this will allow us tomorrow to better control our spending or be less exposed to dangers, to exogenous factors.”

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