Wind turbines: the inhabitants of Hamoir and Ferrières ready to move on

These wind turbines will be 180 to 200 meters high, including blades, and will be able to meet the electricity needs of 8,500 families. These notions, the opponents of the project do not dispute them. But it is indeed its environmental impact that the association’s hundred or so members point to “punch that these three wind turbines will representexplains Joël Matthys. It’s a complete assault. Ecology must include respect for the landscape. There they will impose these monstrous machines on us in two places dedicated to the industry where there is logging.

Ready to move on

And today the opposition is being organized. “I want to help people. Luminus has many means. It may be the earthen pot against the iron pot, but I am persistent.” And since the meeting, citizens have been beating the drum because they have until November 5 to express their opinion. If Luminus goes ahead, they are ready to respond to the application for planning permission, which will then be submitted in a few months. “And if it doesn’t work, we will continue. There are possible legal remedies, even if it means paying a lawyer. We are more than 100 households. Together we will have the funds to go further.”


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