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What is foresight? What does it cover? The answers.

Premature death, illness, disability… Unfortunately, no one is immune to a hard blow that would affect the household from an emotional point of view and also create a real financial imbalance. In general, the French are not adequately covered in these situations, while the majority of them do not have sufficient savings to cope with them and meet the needs of the family. Foresight is a way to protect against it and secure the future for loved ones.

What is it about ?

Foresight allows you to protect yourself from the vagaries of life that could happen to you or your loved ones. It makes it possible to guarantee additional income or capital and thus to maintain a certain income and to compensate for the financial consequences of this difficult event.

What does it cover?

The pension agreement contains guarantees that cover the person signing it, as well as their dependents, in case of invalidity, incapacity for work, loss of employment, loss of autonomy, death, etc. These risks differ depending on the insurance companies. selected contracts, formulas and guarantees.

It is therefore essential to determine your needs, then to compare several companies and contracts before choosing a pension. Pay particular attention to the insurance conditions and exclusions.

How much does it cost ?

The cost of life insurance varies depending on your age, your state of health, the guarantees taken out. As with all insurance policies, you pay ongoing contributions. And if the danger occurs (illness, accident, etc.), it will trigger the payment of the financial benefit stipulated in the contract (capital, annuity, daily allowance).

If foresight is not one compulsory insuranceit is still important to protect yourself from dangers to protect your loved ones and then live with peace of mind!


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