Why Some Google Features Are Coming to iOS Earlier Than Android


According to colleagues at PhoneArena, the reason some Google features are coming to iOS before Android is purely economic.

We recently told you that the Google app on Android has received a new feature that allows you to delete the last 15 minutes of your browsing history. But, without a doubt, the most curious thing about this news is that this function was already available on iOS since July last year and that is why one wonders why the American giant took eight months to add this functionality to its android app.

But, it is not the first time that some Google functions arrive before iOS than Android and that is why we are going to tell you why it could happen.

We tell you why certain Google features arrive before iOS than Android

Google bows to Apple to keep paying to use its search engine

According to the PhoneArena colleagues, the reason why some Google functions arrive before iOS than Android is purely economic, because, as you already know, Google pays Apple a million dollar sum each year for Google Search to be the engine of iPhone’s default search.

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In this sense, Bernstein Securities analysts assure that Google would have paid 15,000 million dollars in 2021 to ensure that the default search engine of the iPhone was Google Search and, therefore, we can assume that the revenues advertising that The Mountain View-enterprise entered last year through this deal would exceed $15,000 million.

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For everything that has been said so far, everything seems to indicate that the reason why certain Google functions arrive earlier on iOS than on Android is that the American giant wants to please Apple and thus not lose all the revenue. advertisements that it generates your search on the iPhone, because if the Cupertino company is not satisfied, it could choose to create its own search engine (which has been rumored in the past) or even to strike a deal with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine for iPhones.

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