Why is the SPB charge FR55ZZZ115711 on my account?

If you note direct debit FR55ZZZ115711 on your bank account, this is usually related to the payment of an insurance or pension contribution to the company SPB. If this debit is part of your account movements, without you having signed any agreement of this type, the doubt about its origin is relevant. Here are our answers and the steps to follow if you find yourself in a situation that leaves you confused.

FR55ZZZ115711 SPB direct debit: what is its origin?

SEPA SPB direct debit under the identification FR55ZZZ115711 comes logically from creditor SPB. It corresponds to settlement an insurance premium (signed, for example, when buying a phone) or pension contribution which you have subscribed to with this company.

This debit usually takes place if you are affiliated with the BNP Paribas bank to which SPB or Société de Prévoyance Bancaire is affiliated.

In practice, BNP markets insurance and pension formulas as a subcontractor by developing partnerships in several areas:

  • Technology (smartphones, laptops, tablets and various connected devices: smart TVs, game consoles, etc.)
  • Supply of water, gas and electricity
  • tourism and travel
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • And of course finance (credit card and renewable debit card)

Additional insurance is often taken out with other companies when purchasing goods or services from them. But the most common is the purchase of a mobile phone or a subscription from an operator.

Commercial practice dictates that the sales contract also includes unit insurance, and SPB is responsible for managing the latter. This explains direct debit under the SEPA identity FR55ZZZ115711.

Labels corresponding to SEPA SPB direct debit

This debit in the amount of €32.40 to your account occurs every month and appears under the following labels:

  • SPB direct debit
  • SPB MDT direct debit
  • Prlv SPB BNP

Who is SPB?

SPB or Société de Prévoyance Bancaire sells various insurance and pension solutions for individuals. To do this, it collaborates with many partner brands in several areas.

The offered formulas are gaining ground, especially in mobile phone industry given the growth in this market. The warranties offered by the company include coverage of risks such as breakage (of the screen or device), oxidation, theft or loss, and malfunction.

In addition, the brand has also bet on means of payment insurance in the event of loss, theft, fraudulent use or attempted misuse. Practice that has become common in connection with online purchases with bank cards.

Finally, SPB also offers to cover the risks associated with travel and leisure activities. This makes it possible, for example, to reimburse expenses for plane or train tickets, hotel expenses and other reservations in the event of cancellation of your stay.

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What are SPB’s partner brands?

You can easily identify the origin of the SEPA SPB direct debit as well as the service provider that signs the contract that binds you to the Société de Prévoyance Bancaire by checking if it is one of the brands that sells its insurance packages. Here is the official list:

What to do in case of misuse of SEPA SPB direct debit?

As a reminder, a SEPA direct debit must must have had prior permission through a power of attorney for direct debit from the account owner. An SPB direct debit that has not been ordered by the customer can therefore be automatically rejected and MUST be blocked. And this despite the fact that the debit is already valid on the account. The person can claim their dispute and request a refund per a period of 13 months.

You can also contact your operator or any other dealer in cooperation with SPB to find out the terms of your contract.

Once the fraud has been confirmed, we recommend that you ask your banker to add SPB to your blacklist to avoid further charges. This request can also be made online from your personal area linked to your bank account.

How to stop FR55ZZZ115711 SPB direct debit?

If SPB’s direct debit turns out to be unjustified or fraudulent:

  • Case of an involuntary subscription by the customer
  • Unclear offer from the mobile operator or any other service provider including insurance without its mandate
  • Withdrawal without justified reason

… we recommend contacting SPB customer support, who can be contacted by phone, via the online form or by mail. mail.

As a reminder, any unauthorized charge may lead to blocking as well as adding it to the blacklist. This action can be done with your account manager or remotely.

This legitimate context also justifies the termination of your contract with the service provider or retailer. To do this, you must send your cancellation letter to SPB stating the partner brand (the seller) and your customer details (ID and phone number).

Termination of the contract with SPB

To proceed with the termination of your contract with Société de Prévoyance Bancaire or with one of its partner brands, depending on the brand, you can do so online by logging into your personal account. To do this, go to the company’s official website.

If the seller’s website does not allow for remote termination, in this case you must send a request by registered letter with receipt of receipt to SPB customer service. See useful contact information at the end of this article.

Do not forget to clearly mention your identity in your file, your contract’s references and your customer identification (login).

direct debit FR55ZZZ115711 SPB


Certain contract terms commit you to a specific period. Check the conditions carefully before starting the termination process with the risk of having to pay penalties for early termination of your agreement.

However, there are exceptions that are recognized to allow early termination and allow you to terminate before the due date. These cases do not require notice, even under smartphone insurance. These legitimate reasons are:

  • Relocation of the insured abroad
  • Theft, loss, breakage of the phone
  • The insured’s loss of employment
  • Price change without notice from the seller
  • Failure to comply with the Chatel Act (notification of the arrival of the deadline that the supplier missed)
  • Death of the insured

How to contact SPB?

Address of the Société de Prévoyance Bancaire to send your letter of termination:

SPB Complaints Department

CS 90000

6095 Le Havre Cedex

To contact customer service using the online form:

Vous souhaitez nous poser une question?

To contact the assistance service directly by email: reclamations@spb.eu

To join the discussion forum: https://www.spb-assurance.fr/forum

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