Why and how do you take out funeral insurance?



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Around 8 million people have chosen to take out a funeral contract in France. This type of insurance aims to protect the family and relatives after the death of the insured. What exactly does it contain and what benefits does it offer? The answers to these questions can be found in this guide.

Funerals are relatively expensive, regardless of whether the family chooses burial or cremation. To ease the burden on their loved ones, some French people choose to take out funeral insurance. This is common among elderly or sick people, who are not the only targets of this offer.

It is recommended to take out this type of insurance, regardless of the insured’s age and state of health. Insurance companies offer different types of contracts with terms that can meet everyone’s needs. Fees vary depending on the plan purchased. However, the peace of mind gained for the member as well as his relatives is worth the investment.


What is a funeral contract?

ONE funeral insurance means a contract to help fund the insured’s funeral. The benefit depends on the offer chosen by the insured signatory. However, the capital obtained through a funeral guarantee may only be used for the funeral. This condition distinguishes it from death insurance.

What are the different types of funeral insurance?

We distinguish:

  • the capital contract;
  • the contract in capital and service.


The capital contract

This type of contract makes it possible to create a capital that will be used to finance the funeral. The insured will nominate a beneficiary to whom this capital will be paid after his death. It can be, for example, a natural person, an heir or a family member. The insured can also choose a legal person. In this case, it is common for the insurer to appoint a funeral director.

The contract does not include any funeral benefits. The relatives of the deceased and the chosen company are therefore free to organize the funeral.


The capital and performance contract

With this type of funeral insurance, the contract includes the financing of the funeral and its organization. This therefore includes two services and involves two entities. The insurance company on one side and a funeral home on the other.

After the death of the insured, the insurer pays the capital specified in the contract to the funeral home. The latter must, in turn, organize the funeral while respecting the wishes of the deceased. These will be transcribed upstream in the funeral contract.


The benefits of taking out funeral insurance

The primary purpose is to relieve loved ones, financially and for the organization of the funeral. In France, funerals cost an average of 4,300 euros for a burial and 3,800 euros for a cremation. Funeral insurance allows you to contribute according to your financial means and have the necessary capital for the organization of the funeral. It can be taken out at any time, regardless of age.

This type of pension is a solution to gain peace of mind and offer peace of mind to relatives. It is also an alternative to organize your funeral according to your own choices. In the case of a performance contract, it is possible to express your wishes for each phase of the ceremony. The insured chooses the funeral home, the method of burial or the type of ceremony to be organised.


Compare funeral insurance policies to make the best choice

The funeral contract is a common offer among traditional insurance companies. The selection is quite large for customers. However, the service may be more or less different from company to company. It will be the same for the price.

For these reasons, it is strongly recommended to compare the offers before signing up. A funeral insurance comparator makes this easy to do and saves time. It is also possible to obtain offers from the pre-selected companies. All these steps can be done online for free and without obligation.

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