Which unemployment insurance reform do we need?

Instead of competition, we must reduce working hours, increase low wages and guarantee decent benefits for the unemployed.

Sophie Taillé-Polian Generation.’s MP for Val-de-Marne

The A cashier form is being renewed pending an already biased “consultation” with the social partners. Parliamentarians are called to vote for a blank text that gives full discretion to the government, increasing the risk that the convention will fall on November 1 and that no more unemployment compensation will be provided. Hateful blackmail. The provisions of this reform and the 40.8% increase in administrative radiation from the Pôle emploi observed this year are pushing the unemployed to accept any job, at any price: over-qualification, lower pay levels, part-time suffering, forced geographical mobility…

According to the concept of the “reserve army”, this mechanism, in addition to the harmful effects on the unemployed, for all employees in so-called “short-term” occupations, brings downward pressure on wages and career advancement. . For the unemployed, the drop in unemployment benefits reduces the possibility to choose a job, to rely on the supplement to change it, to negotiate their working conditions and remuneration. For employees in place, requests for raises and advancement are swept away by competition from unemployed people who are ready to accept jobs under degraded conditions. You’ll have to be content to keep your spot!

This unemployment insurance reform is not just about saving money by stigmatizing the unemployed; it acts as a bulwark for companies against a question mark of bad company in the workplace. It is based on a defensive reflex, in the face of a challenge to the uncertainty. It is the fear of organized demands. “Great resignation”, “bullshit jobs”… in France as on the other side of the Atlantic, the protest is growing. After the intense episode of the yellow vests, young people find a growing echo on social networks, disillusioned with the promises of the start-up nation, “Work more to earn more”. It’s a whole counterculture that’s being built where we reject HR policies that value zeal and demonize legitimate demands: pay, working conditions, the meaning of it, the quality of what’s produced there, and of course the well. -being and the personal life that it allows.

In times of high inflation, a wage that does not rise falls! In the current context of inflation, falling wages are everyday life for many French people, on the eve of a winter that promises to be very hard on the energy bill. Avoiding a sharp fall in purchasing power would, on the contrary, require extraordinary measures for wage earners: a reduction in working hours and an increase in low wages associated with a reduction in wage differentials. And for the unemployed, support commensurate with their needs, dignified compensation and a minimum of respect for these workers who are constantly stigmatized by the wealthy who rule us.

The current reform does not guarantee the right to work. What is needed, on the contrary, is a system that guarantees stability and social justice, job or educational security.

Pierre Dharreville PCF MP for Bouches-du-Rhône

The A-kasse reforms follow each other and are similar. Again, by taking control of Unédic and pushing the fires of nationalization, the government plans to lower the rights of those deprived of employment, or more precisely the rights of workers.

Because unemployment insurance is a conquered social right that fits into the logic of mutual protection, solidarity insurance, against the vagaries of life. In this case, the vagaries of professional careers, which are increasingly disjointed, require high-level unemployment insurance.

The government text represents the first social reform of the new five-year period and confirms the desire to challenge the right to work as defined in Article 23 of the United Nations Declaration of 1948: “Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to fair and favorable working conditions and to protection against unemployment. »

From their point of view, the unemployed are made responsible for their situation and even for the situation of the entire labor market. It is a question of varying the rights according to the economic situation, based on the principle that the unemployment insurance must be a leverage to fight unemployment itself.

Unemployment insurance cannot be an adjustment variable for the economic situation or for economic policy. It must guarantee stable rights. Especially since they are acquired through work. As well as being a poor lever which does not attack the real causes of the tensions that exist in certain occupations and avoids the issue of work itself, it is an unfair lever which increases the threat to working conditions. Making unemployment even more horrible to force workers to take their first job as soon as possible, which is an undignified idea. It supports a refusal to see the balance of power improve in favor of employees during this period.

Conversely, we propose to act on the quality of employment, on wages, on professional equality, on professional education and qualification…

We offer protection and securing of routes. Life course insurance, which assumes the risk of interruption by ensuring a replacement income during a period when there is no prescribed work, by allowing career changes in connection with the right to education.

We want job or education security. And we want this unit to continue to be financed by the contribution. In this perspective, it is essential to democratize the management of what is now called a-kasse.

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