Which management method should you choose?

Investing in senior life insurance allows anyone to protect themselves against financial problems in retirement. It is also one simpler and more efficient way for an insured to pass on his assets to his heirs in the contract. Taking out life insurance is very profitable, but the risk is now greater. It is thus important to find the best form of management for life insurance for seniors.

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Management advice: A better solution for seniors

Consultative leadership is a method that allows a senior to leave the work to a professional. The latter follows him and is therefore responsible for informing him of the opportunities that arise in the market. He makes his skills available to the insured so that the latter can benefit from them. Or else, it analyzes the economic and financial environment, selects and evaluates the funds. He also offers personalized advice according to his client’s goals and profile. To do this, the insurance company sends a letter of recommendation to the saver to show him all the information collected.

The latter, on the other hand, can make trade-offs before making the right decision. He is actually in full control of his investment. He has the final say and he is the sole master of his decision. He has the advantage of always having a professional by his side in the management of his portfolio. Management advice in life insurance puts the senior on the right track depending on the situation.

Why choose delegated management?

Delegated life insurance management for seniors is one of the most valued of them. They actually hand over full responsibility to a professional in the field. This last handles all financial transactions must be carried out as an allocation of assets upon subscription. There is even a broad formula to meet individual needs. The insurance company therefore becomes close links with a management company who will advise him on the best investment to adopt. It then determines several risk profiles (cautious, balanced, dynamic, defensive, etc.).

The insurance company meanwhile invests the insured’s capital and guarantees a distribution that perfectly fits the latter’s profile through arbitration. For this form of management, the professional decides the investment himself according to the level of risk accepted by the saver. It is safer for seniors since that limit the loss of moneyt and predicts the various turns in the market.

Hire a robo-advisor

Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible to trust a robo-advisor or a robo advisor. He takes care of the entire management of the senior’s life insurance policies. His arbitration is announced more beneficial and dynamic compared to other similar methods. He also has the ability to digest more information and process it as quickly as possible. effectively, it can compile multiple files dating back several years to offer a better result to its client.

It must be said that the robo-advisor is very popular among seniors. At first glance, managing a r0bot advisor seems more expensive. Nevertheless, the management solutions currently offered by r0bot advisors have become very competitive. This top-of-the-range solution is now available for a low entry ticket, i.e. a ticket of 1000 euros at the entrance. In addition, the annual administration fees do not exceed 1.6%/year. It should be noted that the total fee includes tax envelope fees, delegated administration fees and unit-linked fees.

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