Which health insurance or mutual health insurance for a student?

How do you cover your health expenses as a student?

Health-related expenses are particularly expensive because of the many fees that come with them. To reduce them, it is interesting to take out supplementary health insurance, whether it is insurance or mutual insurance. Unlike student social security health insurance, it is not mandatory but helpful.

It should be noted that student health insurance and mutual health insurance offer different services. As the name suggests, health insurance for students is underwritten by an insurance company, which is a for-profit entity. The contract is therefore subject to the Insurance Act, with profits paid out to the shareholders.

The mutual is, in turn, a company that is registered in the national register of mutual companies and is subject to the Reciprocity Act. Like health insurance, mutual health insurance is a non-profit entity. In both cases, complementary health covers a portion of your health expenses, in addition to reimbursement from student social security.

What does student health insurance or mutual insurance cover?

The level of coverage depends on your contract. You have the choice between basic student mutual insurance or student mutual insurance with extended guarantees. This type of cover makes it possible to reimburse part of the dental care, optical and hearing aids, hospitalization expenses, etc. In addition, the contract covers most of the situations that the student finds himself in, whether it is in teaching or in practice.

How to choose student health insurance or mutual insurance?

View the different coverages to make your choice, knowing that the best deal is the one that meets your needs. Your insured profile, covered by optical care, dental care or otherwise, weighs heavily in determining the appropriate formula. Also find out the size of the contributions.

In today’s market, insurance premiums vary between €350 and €1,200. To find the best deal, use an insurance comparator. It has the advantage of sorting the student health insurance according to your search criteria.

However, be aware that low-income students can access CSS or Complémentaire Santé Solidaire. Free supplementary health insurance is also available for students living alone on less than €753 per month.


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