Which health insurance for your children?

It is important to insure your child’s health expenses. There are many visits to the healthcare staff, and the costs can add up quickly, especially when you have several children. Because when the youngest has just recovered from a high fever and his dry cough, it is of course the eldest’s turn to complain about his throat or present more than suspicious pimples. Some periods look like tunnels with no end in sight.

For all these health expenses, it is important that your children are well covered and that the reimbursements provided by health insurance are supplemented by mutual insurance (some expenses are fully covered by social security, especially after birth, but not all!). So how do you proceed? Let’s check in.

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How do you choose mutual insurance for your children?

Linking your children to your company’s mandatory mutual fund or to your individual mutual fund is one option, but perhaps not the best. The guarantees must correspond to specific needs, and these of course differ according to age.

Carefully examine all the clauses in the contract of a mutual insurance company and especially the age from which your child can be covered. Some only cover children from the age of two. It is more likely that a children’s health care company corresponds to an affiliation with your own common. Also remember to check the warranty exclusions. If you choose to link your child to your joint, be aware that most of them set an age limit, which can vary between 21 and 25 years.

How does mutual insurance work for a child?

The idea is therefore to take out mutual insurance in your child’s name with suitable guarantees, i.e.

  • the cost of a bed and meals for a companion in the event of the child’s hospitalization;
  • Coverage of certain vaccines: While the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is 100% covered by health insurance for children and adolescents aged 12 months to 17 years, many others are reimbursed by prescription, most often at 65% and the remainder goes to the mutual insurance company;
  • Coverage of orthodontic care not reimbursed by Social Security;
  • Fee overruns by the doctor or specialist;
  • The assumption of a fraction of the cost of glasses (and when your kids become teenagers of lenses).

One of the two parents can take care of drawing up a mutual insurance agreement, perfectly adapted to the child, but the sum can e.g. every month is taken from the joint account.

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What is the cost of mutual insurance with a child?

The cost of a child’s mutual fund varies according to their age, the guarantees chosen and any added options. Count between 10 and 50 euros per month for a minor child.

If you decide to link your child to your own contract, an increase will be applied. Contact your insurance company to get an offer for mutual health insurance. Some groups offer a discount from the 2nd person and even a free subscription for the 3rd child and following.

A family company can also be a good idea financially, because it allows you to insure the whole family without having to multiply individual contracts.

In general, take the time to compare the offers you have identified. Note the rates and associated guarantees or use an online mutual insurance comparison. However, even if your budget is tight, do not automatically choose the cheapest contract: if you will have a lot of health expenses in the coming years due to your children’s minor and major ailments, the reimbursement of it must be sufficient when the time comes! Investing in mutual health insurance can pay off quickly in the end.

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