When they travel to the United States, their house in the Dordogne completely burns down

It is neighbors who had to take the road early, who smell a smell of smoke. Around 7:15 this Sunday, these residents saw large flames: a house in the village of Saint-Seurin-de-Prats (Dordogne) is on fire. They immediately call the fire department. The mayor is also advised,”I got dressed in a hurry and I came running, says the city council member, I live right next door!“.

The mayor rushes to wake up the neighbors

Before the arrival of the firemen, neighbors and the mayor watched helplessly at the scene. The flames are coming out of the roof and the windows. “I was very worried, there was a car parked right in front“says the chosen one,”I was afraid they were inside!“. Quickly Dominique Iberto finds out that the residents are not present, they have been in the US for at least a month. It’s a French-American couple.

“I came home and I screamed”

The fire is so big that it is already threatening the house next door.** The mayor rushes to the door and enters the house “I know them well, the gentleman is a former elected representative in the municipality“.

I came back yelling “Robert! Nicole!” to come out, but the citizens in the street shouted at me not to stay inside, they were afraid of me“continues Dominique Iberto. Fortunately, Robert and Nicole are safe. They sought refuge on the other side of the house, in their garden.

The house was completely destroyed

After about fifteen minutes, the firemen from the southern part of the Dordogne arrive and quickly set about extinguishing the flames, which have already destroyed the house. The firefighters and the chief of the Bergerac fire service are very interested in the house of the former elected representativeweakened.

They were on top“continues the mayor,”they went into the neighbors’ house, opened all the windows, so that the fumes did as little damage as possible“. A high beam had begun to burn, but the firefighters managed to stop the spread.

Neighbors rehoused with their son

However, Nicole and Robert’s house remains uninhabitable, a team of specialist USAR (Rescue Support and Research Unit) firefighters from Périgueux have arrived to lay equipment to support the house. The pair are expected to return from the US in the coming days to inspect the damage and bring in an expert. The former elected official and his companion will spend some time with their son, the time to make sure that they do not risk anything in their house.

Firefighters came in large numbers to put out the fire.

Dominique Iberto

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