When can you change car insurance?

If you want to change your car insurance, you should know that it is very possible. However, there is one main condition to respect: wait until the end of the first year’s subscription of your contract. In fact, since 2015 and the vote on the Hamon law, from the moment the first year of the obligation is over, you can change the car insurance at any time. Previously, you had to wait until the anniversary of your contract to request its termination. Today, the approach is therefore much more flexible, although you still have to wait at least a year before switching from one car insurance to another.

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Once you have been a car insurance customer for at least a year, simply send a cancellation letter to your insurance company. The latter takes note of your request by providing you with your statement of situation, a valuable document that you must then submit to your new insurance company. Also, be aware that there are certain situations in which you can cancel the insurance from the first year: moving, changing marital status, changing jobs, retiring, selling your vehicle… In all cases, documentation is required. Do not hesitate to contact your insurance to find out more.

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