When and how do you change the mutual health insurance?

It is important to change health insurance when the contracted contract no longer meets your needs. However, the operation must be carried out in accordance with the relevant texts. It is necessary to take into account the termination or the minimum duration of the obligation. The procedures and rules to be observed in this context are explained in this article.

The decision to change mutually Health can be motivated for various reasons. Some choose change in order to gain access to a formula that better meets their expectations. For others, it is for cost reasons. The process remains simple, but precise formalities need to be followed. Upstream, don’t forget to use an insurance comparator to validate your choice. The first step will be to terminate the current contract. Registration for the new health insurance will be possible when it has previously been terminated. It is also useful to check the termination conditions before starting the procedure. They often mention the length of commitment to be respected.

Why should you change your health insurance?

It is sometimes necessary to change mutually to save money and benefit from better protection. This change can be useful with age and for health reasons. It is obvious that the needs are different for a young person and another less vigorous.

Finding a contract can be useful after the discovery of a new pathology or a proven risk of a disease. In other cases, there may be a change in the insured’s personal (marriage, relocation) or professional (unemployment, pension) situation.

The price is another parameter that can justify a change of mutual. It happens for the same coverage, an insurance company is more attractive compared to its competitors. A customer also has the right to cancel his insurance to change it when his insurance company decides to revise its rates.

When can you change your health insurance contract?

By taking out supplementary health insurance, the insured commits himself for one year. Change of mutual insurance is only possible at the end of this period.

Once the 12 months have passed, the contract can be terminated at any time free of charge and without conditions.. It is possible to terminate the contract before the end of this commitment period for a few exceptions related to a change in personal situation:

  • a marriage;
  • a birth;
  • moving ;
  • a new job that requires a different coverage.

In this case, you must provide proof.

Since 2020, an insured can terminate his mutual health insurance without waiting for the receipt of the termination notice sent by the insurance company. This reform was introduced by the Infra-Annual Termination Law passed on July 14, 2019. It has been effective since December 1, 2020.

Find your new supplementary health insurance thanks to the mutual insurance comparator

Apart from the rate, the general conditions and reimbursement methods sometimes differ depending on the insurance company. The choice should also not be made randomly and in haste. First, it is necessary to find out the existing offers and compare them. An online health comparator makes this step easy and quick. The offers that meet the entered needs and criteria will be presented in a few clicks with the information about them.

Cancel your current health insurance contract

The termination of contract must be made on request. ONE registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt must then be sent to the insurance company. Receipt of this letter from the insurance company puts an end to the direct debit and the monthly remote transfer. There will be no need to ask them to stop.

Before taking this step, it is important to check the length of notice required by the insurance company. This is specified in the general conditions of the contract. The expiry notice also states the deadline for termination of the contract. It is given to the insured no later than 15 days before the termination expires. The fulfillment of the request takes place within 14 days of receiving the notice of expiry.

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