what you need to change to save money

In a special issue, 60millions de consommateurs lists all the expenditure items that it is possible to act on with a little method and rigor in order to save money.

Winning solutions to regain purchasing power, featured on the cover of the magazine 60Millions de consommateurs in a special issue published on Thursday. Based on an Opinion Way survey, in which 64% of French respondents say they have changed their habits (food purchases, second-hand purchases, co-gesture), the association describes other ways to reduce its budget. In this way, you can save money by optimizing your car, home or even loaner insurance contracts. Their flattening, the search for duplicates that are as redundant as they are ruinous and unsuitable contracts, can allow you to recover in record time 50, 80, 100 euros and more every month, explains Marc Bourgoin, co-founder of Vosmeilleureseconomies.com.

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The envelope and notebook techniques

In the same logic, it may be interesting to review your energy contracts to return to the regulated tariffs. For many individuals, the regulated gas and electricity retail price is still the wisest solution financially, with a price increase limited to 15% in January and February 2023 thanks to the government’s tariff screen.

Reducing the temperature of the water heater, equipping yourself with a connected thermostat, changing appliances are also ways to lower annual energy costs. More than ever we must learn how to better manage your budget and anticipateanalyzes Cdric Dufour, founder of the company Plnit’Finances, specializing in budget coaching in the magazine’s columns.

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Two methods for optimizing expenses are also presented. The technique of the envelope, where every month an amount is allocated to each expense item, and that of the notebook, where all expenses are carefully entered. To make it easier to dive into your contracts, Tools (Bankin’, Budgea, Linxo) to compare operators and manage your budget are available on the Internet and on mobile phones. Many online banks also allow you to sort your monthly expenses by categorizing them.

Stay alive: the warning thresholds you need to know to control your budget

Final advice: track phantom expenses. Are in the viewfinder of 60 million consumers, these redundant subscriptions, these affinity insurances taken out in a hurry – which you can now leave more simply – or these unnecessary bank fees that burden the budget.

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