What to do in case of Burn of Physalia?

While physalis have been found on the beaches of Ile de Ré and Vendée, here are some tips to follow in the event of a burn from this aquatic animal.

Portuguese galley, sea bladder or physalia. Here are the names given to these kinds of jellyfish (called cnidarians), which are not really jellyfish. With stinging tentacles, they appeared on several beaches on the Atlantic coast last week. Can cause severe burns, special precautions should be taken if you are a victim.

remove the tentacles

In fact, they are very sticky to the skin. They must therefore be removed without crushing them. You can use pliers or a pair of gloves.

You can also apply shaving foam to the irritated area, this will trap tentacles. Remove everything with a piece of stiff cardboard or a credit card.

rinse with seawater

It is important not to rub during this step. This can deepen the skin lesion. It is better to rinse the affected area with sea water.

For more general symptoms such as loss of consciousness, vomiting, increased pulse and blood pressure, dizziness, abdominal pain or malaise, it is imperative to contact SAMU by dialing 15.

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