What items are not included?

The theft guarantee covers damage caused by theft (the disappearance of the vehicle and its deterioration) or attempted theft within the limits specified in the general conditions of the contract you have signed. The items covered may vary from insurance company to insurance company, but here are the main principles.

Theft of the insured vehicle is included in the warranty, as are anti-theft protection systems, child seats and brackets for the disabled.

On the other hand, other equipment depends on the terms of the contract, such as standard interior and/or exterior elements from the moment they are attached to the vehicle.

Since the roof box is not an original exterior accessory attached to the body, an additional warranty called “accessory theft warranty” must be taken out. Photo Adobe Stock

Things that may not be covered

Certain items are not part of the anti-theft warranty. They may be compensated depending on the insurance company or the options in your contract.

For example, the LPG equipment in a stolen vehicle may be considered, as well as certain off-the-shelf items. Theft of personal belongings can be optional or declined, as can the professional fit-out of a utility vehicle.

If wheel theft can be taken into account by some insurance companies, none will take into account fuel theft alone.

What the insurance company can refuse to replace

The list of events excluded from cover can be found in the general conditions, in the theft cover section, in an “Exclusions” entry.

These exclusions depend on the circumstances surrounding the claim and are generally linked either to the quality of the author of the theft (theft committed by a family member) or to the insured’s negligence (theft of the car with the ignition keys left inside).

It is the insurance company that must provide proof that the conditions are met in order to invoke an exclusion of coverage and deprive the insured of full compensation.

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