What are the different car insurance formulas?

Car insurance plans vary and so do prices. And having car insurance is also mandatory for all car owners. But all of them car insurance are not identical. If you are looking for the cheapest car insurance on the market, it is very likely that this is the least comprehensive to cover you in case of damage. Here’s what you need to remember about different formulas to help you choose the right contract for your profile and budget.

My car insurance at the best price

Liability or third party insurance

This insurance is mandatory for anyone who owns a vehicle. It works on the principle of assuming responsibility for all damages caused by the vehicle to others, people or objects. All damages are then covered by the insurance company to compensate the victim of this disaster. On the other hand, it is important to check the deductible and the exclusions of the warranty for civil liability. This car insurance is often basic and cheap and provides a solution for car owners who are on a limited budget.

All risk insurance

L’Back to back insurance is certainly the most complete car insurance. However, it costs more than other insurances. This is the most protective car insurance. All guarantees are generally set out in the contract : accidents, breakdowns, broken glass, theft, natural disasters… But in order not to pay for expensive car insurance, it is better to put insurance companies in competition to get the best offer on car insurance.

Other options for car insurance

It exists other car insurance schemes. Insurance companies offer contracts adapted to each situation with different options or formulas. We are then talking about an intermediate car insurance agreement with different coverages offered. The name of this formula varies by insurance company. This is an extended insurance with a lower rate than comprehensive insurance. Finally, some options can be added to get a tailored insurance policy. You can expand your insurance with options for your equipment, for the driver, for legal protection, for the loan of a car, etc.

What type of car insurance should you choose?

The most important point to remember about the different formulas is the level of car insurance coverage. If you prefer cheap car insurance, you will be less well compensated in the event of a breakdown, accident or other disaster. Conversely, by choosing all-risk car insurance, you are choosing the best car insurance to be well compensated in case of damage. A good compromise can be to choose a third-party car insurance, by checking the guarantees provided, to pay less for the insurance of your vehicle. Finally, to get the best price, the comparison of car insurance online is more than ever indicated. With a few clicks, you only need to find the cheapest and most protective car insurance.

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