Wassy’s fencers, Christelle and Stéphane Lahierre, ready to judge

Saturday 1eh On 10 October, two graduates from the Cercle d’escrime de Wassy participated in the National Day of Arbitration (JNA) in the theoretical exam in arbitration organized by the Grand-Est Regional Fence Committee (Crege). Three examination centers were offered to candidates from the Grand-Est League: Tomblaine, Strasbourg and Châlons-en-Champagne.

It is in this last center that the two Wasseyens brilliantly passed the theoretical test in the form of multiple choice questions, with a flawless (30/30) for Christelle Lahierre and Stéphane Lahierre (26/30), treasurer and president, respectively. The Wassy Fencing Club. This day was led by Maître Clément Gerdolle, Regional Technical Assistant (ATR) and Maître Antoine Manceau, from the Troyes Fencing Club.

Before the theoretical test, participants were offered a “video” with Jean-Marc Guenet, President of the National Arbitration Commission (CNA), as well as a portrait of a young judge. The various rules and media relating to arbitration were also reviewed. Finally, a “Burger Quiz” was offered to participants to end the morning of the National Arbitration Days.

Fencing is one of the very few sports where French is the official language. During international competitions, French is compulsory for judges. “On alert! Ready? Go ahead! Hold up!”. The judge also has a character code to explain each fencing sentence. Note that by 2022, 72% of clubs do not have a referee, yet 100% of competitors need one.

Christelle and Stéphane Lahierre will now be able to return to training, where they will be evaluated during the next regional fencing competitions.

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