War in Ukraine: what are the intercontinental Sarmat missiles that are ready to be deployed soon according to Putin?

This Wednesday, December 21, Vladimir Putin announced that Sarmat hypersonic missiles were ready to be deployed. We explain what it is.

Vladimir Putin promises to provide the Russian armed forces with all the necessary means, especially financial, for their military campaign in Ukraine, assuring that Moscow would achieve all its goals.

In a speech given to the main Russian military officials, the head of the Kremlin insisted in particular on the importance of drones in the conflict and announced that the Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missiles would be ready for deployment in the near future.

Tested last April

“It is really -one armed unique which will strengthen the military potential of our armed forces, which will ensure Russia’s security against external threats and which will make those who try to threaten our country think twice with furious and aggressive rhetoric,” Vladimir Putin said in a test last April.

This weapon can carry ten nuclear warheads. During these tests, one shot managed to hit its target in Koura, about 6,100 kilometers from where it was fired.

Russia launched an intercontinental ballistic missile “Sarmat”
At the same time, Putin said that “Sarmat” will ensure Russia’s security, will make the rabid who are trying to threaten her think.
They are threatening the whole world again. The disease progresses#StopRussia pic.twitter.com/7bSWCjAs8y

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“This Sarmat is the most powerful missile and with the longest destructive range in the world, the Russian Ministry of Defense said at the time. It “will significantly increase the combat power of the strategic nuclear forces of our country”, he added.

It is an “advanced intercontinental ballistic missile designed to evade, deceive or bypass enemy defenses, but it is not immune to measures taken to possibly counter it,” explained expert Guy Martin of the South African site defenseWeb .

Other announcements from Russia

This Wednesday, December 21, Vladimir Putin added that NATO was using all its military capabilities against Russia and urged Russian officers to rely on their experience in Syria.

Speaking after him, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu proposed raising the age of compulsory military service from 21 to 30, instead of the current 18 to 27.

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