War in Ukraine: after tanks, Westerners ready to supply fighter jets?

After the approval of the delivery of tanks to Kiev, discussions were allegedly initiated between representatives of Western countries on the delivery of aircraft to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Conversations with more than half a dozen military officials and Western diplomats confirm that an internal debate on the delivery of fighter jets to Ukraine is already underway,” US media outlet Politico said on Thursday.

While NATO members on Wednesday pledged, led by Germany and the United States, to supply Ukraine with modern Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks, they could also soon respond positively to Ukraine’s request for the supply of fighter jets.

The Ukrainian leaders, the initiators of the discussion received support from the Baltic countries.

American reluctance

The possible transfer of aircraft to Kiev is likely to cause even more controversy than the deployment of tanks.

Especially since the US maintains its position and has always declared to Ukraine that the delivery of aircraft “was not possible at the moment”.

But as Politico points out, Washington had initially refused to deliver the Himars before giving in, the same for the Abrams tanks… And the paper speculates that the US position could evolve on this issue as well.

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