Wage pressure is not weakened in insurance

Disappointment. The meeting held on Tuesday morning between the six unions representing the insurance sector and France Assureurs, within the framework of the review clause of the agreements reached in June on the revaluation of the minimum remuneration for branches (RMA), did not convince. . After increases in these minimum wages of between 1.8% and 5% achieved at the beginning of the summer, the union proposed a new increase of 2% only for class 1 and 2 administrative staff, i.e. the lowest paid. , with retroactive effect. No revision is planned for other populations.

The bitterness of the CFDT

“The lack of proposals for classes 3 to 5 and 5 to 7 is a disappointment,” judge Francky Vincent, president of the CFE-CGC insurance federation, the second organization in the branch with a representativeness of 21.37%. “At the same time, we asked for negotiations in January on RMAs focusing on classes 3 to 7 and to plan consultation sequences if inflation gallops,” he explains. If the union is considering signing the agreement, the CFDT, the leading organization in the industry with 34.52% representation, will not sign. “The meeting with France Assureurs was disastrous. If we are satisfied to see progress in class 1 and 2, that is a revaluation for 4,000 employees, the remaining 149,000 will remain without any new revaluation, which is not acceptable”, reasons Thierry Tisserand, general secretary of the banking and insurance federation. CFDT. France Assureurs, which collected two signatures at the start of the summer, should not have a better harvest in the winter.

However, the meeting was an opportunity to put the issue of purchasing power on the table through wage increases in the companies. “We asked France Assureurs to let their principals know that we expect companies to have the same system of frequency of meetings and salary increases for all employees under the NAO. We want to make the connection between what is happening at industry level with RMAs , and what must happen in the companies,” says Francky Vincent. “The connection between industry and company negotiations has nothing to do, and we have seen that there is no desire on the part of the union to stimulate a dynamic for negotiations within companies”, laments Thierry Tisserand, on the contrary.

Value share bonus

Already, several players have announced new provisions in light of trade union demands linked to the acceleration of inflation and in addition to the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) for 2022. The companies are betting in particular on value sharing bonuses during the past year: Macif paid 1,000 euros in October 2022 to its employees, which will be supplemented by 500 euros in January 2023, Matmut 900 euros, Groupama Gan between 850 and 400 euros, Generali 1,000 euros for employees earning up to 70,000 euros MACSF per year, 800 euros and CNP Assurances between 800 and 1,000 euros, several sources told L’AgeFI

This unit, which replaced the extraordinary purchasing power bonus and which can amount to up to 6,000 euros per employed, is however criticized by the various trade unionists. The latter believes that it is a way to take the pill while waiting for the NAO 2023. behind the idea of ​​sharing the added value”, assesses Thierry Tisserand further. The good results that the insurance companies published last year and at the beginning of the year provide arguments for the unions.

Soon an appointment with Axa?

While negotiations for 2023 are about to begin with most players, for the current year they are still frozen with some, such as Axa. After negotiating an overall budget for pay rises of 2.5% in January, unions returned to the charge by demanding a change to balance the rise in inflation. “We feel that the management is playing the clock to postpone these negotiations to the discussions on NAO 2023 by bringing up a possible catch-up of 2022 at this time. However, the CFDT wants to cut 2022 and 2023 completely. Our priority concerns a general increase for all , and we ask for a gesture from 2022”, reports Bernard Bosc, national trade union coordinator Axa CFDT, the group’s main organization. “We exceptionally resumed discussions with the social partners on September 28 to take into account the inflationary context and the purchasing power of our employees. These discussions will continue in the coming weeks to reach an agreement soon,” the insurance company responds.


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