Voice guidance on google maps: How to activate the function?

Google Maps is one of the most popular navigation apps on smartphones. It has a ton of very cool features. One of the most useful is voice guidance.

The latter provides detailed voice guidance to users to help them on their daily journeys.

Want to know how to enable voice guidance on google maps? Find out everything in this article.

Why do I have no sound on my GPS?

Your GPS may suddenly stop emitting sound. This may be because the sound is muted on your phone or tablet. To fix the problem, simply open the Google Maps application on your device and tap on your initial to bring up the menu.

Then go to “Settings” and then “Browsing Settings”. At this level, check that the sound of your phone or tablet’s speakers is set correctly.

Why isn’t Google Maps talking to me?

It may happen that Google Maps does not speak to you. If you encounter this problem, there is no need to panic or run to your repairman. This is a minor glitch that can be fixed with just a few clicks. First, check that the volume on your phone or tablet is not turned down. If so, simply increase it using the keys on the device.

If the problem does not come from there, check if the voice is enabled in Google Maps. To do this, go to the application, press your initial and select “Settings”. Then click on “Browsing Options” and examine the “Sound and Voice” heading.

If you notice the sound is ‘muted’, tap ‘Disabled’. Google Maps will then be able to talk to you and guide you. Also, don’t forget to clear the app’s cache from time to time.

Google allows you to interact with your connected displays thanks to the Continuous Conversation mode. With this feature, you can send instructions to the assistant and get clear answers.

To activate the Google Maps microphone, just say ”Hey Google” and explain your query. You can e.g. say ”Hey Google, what’s the route from my house to the nearest pharmacy” or ”Hey Google, what’s the weather like tomorrow?”.

To end the conversation, just stop talking. The assistant understands that you have no further requests. Thus the microphone will turn off. It is also possible to end the conversation by saying “Thank you” or “Thank you, Google”.

Advantages of Google Maps Voice Guidance?

Voice guidance on google maps is a very useful feature. At first glance, it was designed for the visually impaired. It accompanies them by giving them all the necessary information about the road they have to take, the upcoming turns, the obstacles on the road and many other elements.

The goal is to help them move from point A to point B independently and without fear of an accident or shock. Moreover, this feature is easy to use. Simply enter your starting point, destination address and the route you want to take. Therefore, Maps will give you instructions on how to get there easily. You just have to let yourself be guided.

It should be added that voice guidance on google maps can also be very beneficial for normal people. This tool makes it easy to find your way. You no longer have to worry about getting lost, especially when you go to unknown places. You also no longer have to stare at your phone screen while driving. A soft and perfectly audible voice will guide you every step of the way.

Disadvantages Voice guidance Google Maps?

Despite its many advantages, google maps voice guidance is not yet available to everyone. Currently, this update has only been offered in English in the US and in Japanese in Japan. However, Google has assured that it will soon provide support for other languages ​​and new countries. So you will have to wait a bit to get this feature in French and take advantage of it.

The voice guidance option is available on iOS and Android. To activate it, follow a few simple steps. You must:

  • open the Google Maps app;
  • tap your initials or profile picture at the top of the screen;
  • select “Settings” and then “Navigation Settings”;
  • find the “Walking Options” section at the bottom of the menu;
  • enable “Detailed Voice Guide”.

You will thus be directed efficiently and in complete safety.

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