USA kneel before Rudy Gobert after Game 1

Excellent in defense during Game 1 against Dallas this Saturday evening, Rudy Gobert reminded everyone of his incredible defensive talent. In the country of Uncle Sam, in any case, the opinions are dithyrambic concerning our Frenchie.

In attack, he was snubbed, and in historic fashion. The behavior of Rudy Gobert’s teammates at Jazz has not finished talking, those who let the poor Frenchman out a sadly historic line of stats, while he spent the evening claiming the leather in the feverish Texas racket. This is another debate, certainly important, which will not make us forget the essential: the native of Saint-Quentin shone on the defense of Utah.

Throughout the game, and particularly in the second half, Gobert set the tone defensively. Possessed, he even sometimes sharply cropped his teammates, like Bojan Bogdanovic after this oversight in the 4th quarter:

Rudy Gobert cements his place among the greatest all-time defenders

With 3 blocks, 17 rebounds, a deterrent at all times and a high-end defensive IQ, “The Stifle Tower” slammed a performance that did not go unnoticed. Journalist Tony Jones was not mistaken:

Rudy Gobert was sensational defensively, especially in the 2nd half.

Kevin O’Connor, renowned journalist for The Ringer, went even further:

Rudy Gobert is one of the greatest defensive players in sports history.

Well beyond basketball and the NBA, where he has established himself as a triple defender of the year while perhaps waiting to win others, Gobert is beginning to be considered a master in all sports. confused. A huge honor, even though the Frenchman is not the favorite for the DPOY title – several journalists and players are campaigning for Marcus Smart or Mikal Bridges in particular.

Rudy sticks to his guideline and does not respond head-on to the various marks of disrespect he has suffered this season. The best answer, he gives it on the ground, by being decisive in a high intensity playoff match which can count a lot for the rest of the series.

If his teammates obviously do not always see it, fans, journalists and observers are not mistaken: Rudy Gobert is an archi-precious pawn in Utah, gifted defensively like few players in the history of the NBA. And the Frenchman deserves 200% of that respect.

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