USA: a special rifle designed for children

“A Piece of American Freedom”

“The last thing we should be doing is reducing these weapons of war and marketing them to children”, he said, calling on the US Consumer Protection Agency (FTC) to open an investigation into its manufacturer. Weighing just under a kilo, the rifle fires well with live ammunition. Equipped with one, five or ten 22-caliber long rifle cartridge magazines, it was first marketed last January at a price of $389. The company WEE1 Tactical, which sells this weapon, describes it as “a piece of american freedom” fated “for small enthusiasts”.

A teacher wounded by gunfire on a six-year-old child

On her website, she depicts a young blonde girl looking through the sight of one of these rifles under the snow. Asked by the press, the company defended the marketing of its weapon, which according to it has “a safety mechanism” present on no other rifle.

The editors advise you

“Facing the Epidemic of Youth Gun Violence and Shootings”a weapon like this “simply shouldn’t exist” hammered Chuck Schumer. He cited as an example the case of a 6-year-old child who shot and wounded his teacher earlier this month at a school in Virginia. Shootings are a recurring scourge in the United States, where the right to own guns is guaranteed by the Constitution. On Thursday, President Joe Biden again urged lawmakers to ban assault rifles as a matter of urgency. But attempts to regulate their sales are often blocked in the US Congress, where gun lobbies have strong influence.

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