US ready to cooperate with Russia on initial treaty – La Nouvelle Tribune

The United States is ready to work constructively with Russia to implement all the provisions of the START treaty on strategic arms reduction. It was announced on Wednesday Cara AbercrombieDefense and arms control policy coordinator at the National Security Council White House. According to her, Moscow has not respected the terms of the Start Treaty. “The United States will continue its efforts to secure Russia’s return to implementing its obligations. We will do this because the United States always sees nuclear arms control as an indispensable means of strengthening its allies and global security. This is especially important in times of stress, when protective mechanisms and clarity are of particular importance. I would like to emphasize once again that the United States is always ready to work constructively with Russia to implement all the clauses of the New Start Treaty.“, she said during an online seminar hosted by the Association of Arms Control of Washington.

According to her, the extension of the START treaty for five years in February 2021 formed the basis for the re-establishment of the dialogue on strategic stability with Russia, aimed at creating the basis for the next generation of strategic arms control infrastructure with Moscow “. The conflict in Ukraine ” torpedoed those plans,” she added. “The New Start continues to serve America’s national security interests. It continues to limit Russia’s strategic nuclear forces and provides insight into its weapons and infrastructure that would otherwise have been impossible in the event,” concluded Cara Abercrombie.

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