Unemployment insurance: two amendments by Senator Laurent Duplomb passed into law

The amendment by Laurent Duplomb (Les Républicains) on “Loss of unemployment benefits after two refusals from the CDI after a CDD or on a temporary contract in the same position”, has been adopted into law.

On Thursday, November 17, the Senate passed the bill on emergency measures related to the functioning of the labor market with a view to full employment, after reviewing the joint joint committee (CMP), which allowed the text to enter into force. The government finally accepted, as desired by the right, that two refusals of CDI after a CDD or a temporary contract in the same position lead to the loss of unemployment benefits in the future.

No unemployment insurance after two CDI refusals

Senator Laurent Duplomb’s two amendments have therefore been adopted in the final law. What the elected representative for Saint-Paulien welcomes.

Contrary to the government’s advice, the Senate had adopted an amendment adopted by Laurent Duplomb, which excluded from the provision of unemployment benefits, temporary workers who would not accept a CDI on the position they occupy. They would have the option of either accepting CDI or staying temporarily, but in no case to benefit from unemployment insurance. “We cannot accept that employees, like the nursing staff who resign from the hospital and EHPAD, can enter on a temporary basis and return to the same company with benefits in terms of salary and hours linked to the temporary, at the same time that the unemployment rights are transferred after six months ,” justifies the senator. The final law provides for the abolition of unemployment insurance for temporary workers after two rejections of permanent employment.

Another amendment by senators LR, also carried by Laurent Duplomb and Bruno Retailleau, depriving an employee of unemployment benefits from the first refusal of a CDI at the end of a CDD, had been rejected outright in the first instance, receiving a perfect equality of the votes cast. The text during the first reading in the Senate remained at 3 rejections of CDI offers at the end of a CDD.

The commission cuts the bulb in half

But the Joint Joint Commission, which validates the final bill, created the surprise and cut the bulb in half on this last amendment; it will only be after two refusals of CDI after a CDD, during the last 12 months, that people will be deprived of their unemployment benefits. “The sense of history when you do a CDD and when you offer a CDI at the end is more of an advantage than a disadvantage. I am pleased to see this amendment bear fruit in the final law. »


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