Unemployment insurance, pensions… Olivier Dussopt in charge of recruitment

Laurence Ferrari

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Unemployment insurance, pensions, social minimums: the Minister of Labor is responsible for the most explosive cases. Under the fire of criticism from the left, his former political family, he advances without batting an eyelid

He has the deceptive quiet composure of a man stepping into the eye of the storm. From his ministry in rue de Grenelle, in jeans and sneakers, Olivier Dussopt says he is ready to fight. He prefers the rest of us to use the verb “concert” when approaching the matters for which he is responsible, especially the pension reform, which will go hard in December on the question of the retirement age. The unions are back to block. The selected project will be presented at the beginning of 2023 to enter into force in the summer of 2024. Before then, Dussopt must submit to the Folketing the provision that equates “abandonment of position” with a “resignation” rather than with gross negligence. right to compensation.

“You have to speak when you have something to say, it’s no use doing one morning a day”

His fiber left takes a hit and his former friends from PS don’t miss it. “When does a unilateral breach of a contract in breach of one’s obligation entitle it to damages?” he lets go. The tone is set. “I’m a fake calm,” he said. It’s better not to be in front of me when I get angry, which is very rare, but it happens to all of us. Experienced trade unionists confirm his capacity for dialogue. For Cyril Chabanier of the CFTC: “He has the ability to listen, he can change his mind from the moment he gets precise and quantified facts and arguments.”

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But he respects to the letter the decisions that Élysée has made. “He hesitated to stay in the government in May 2022, entrusts Bruno Bonnell, former MP En Marche, to take a trip and go towards entrepreneurship. It was the president who decided that he should stay. It will be the Ministry of Labor, Full Employment and Integration. “I would not have thought one day to agree with Nicolas Sarkozy, but when he says in “JDD” that even the successors of Emmanuel Macron will have to continue the pension reform, he is right, he explains. . The left has made mistakes, especially in removing tax-free overtime. »

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Dussopt knows how to let go when necessary

And to remind that he is responsible for creating the France Travail structure, which should better support the careers of jobseekers. “Hearing that work is not a left-wing value is incredible, especially when it comes from people who don’t know what the left is or what work is. A spade in the direction of Sandrine Rousseau and her friends. Dussopt knows how to let go when necessary. Just as he knows how to cultivate his secret garden, without hiding his wariness of the media whirlwind: “You have to talk when you have something to say, there’s no point doing a morning show during the day. He makes fun of his low popularity rating (46 out of 50): “The French will get to know me through my determination.”

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