Unemployment insurance, budget, abortion … We summarize the main files on the menu for the return to parliament

Their return to school promises to be busy. That MPs will return to the National Assembly on Monday 3 October with a debate on the situation in Ukraine. And the atmosphere promises to be electric. Emmanuel Macronwho has only had a relative majority since the parliamentary elections in June, warned: he does not rule out dissolving the assembly to call for new elections if the debates on the pension reform did not succeed and that a vote of no confidence was voted against the government. France info rolls out the menu of this parliamentary return, which promises to be close and heated.

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A debate without a vote on the war in Ukraine to begin

At 4 p.m., Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne will take the floor in the semi-circle and start a discussion regardinga “war in Ukraine and its consequences for France”. This debate, organized under section 50-1 of the constitution, will not give rise to a vote, but the discussion promises to be lively. The majority intends to challenge National Rally, which it regularly accuses of being close to Russia.

The Socialist Party’s deputies will also present a motion for resolution, so that the assembly shows its opinion “unwavering support” to Ukraine “for the recovery of its full sovereignty” within its borders from 1991, France learned info from deputies Boris Vallaud and Olivier Faure, confirming information from the specialized site Political.

At LR, the first group to express itself, Michèle Tabarot will also discuss “refusal to recognize illegal annexations” Russians and should emphasize “changes in the president’s position that undermined the clarity of action” French. The debate will also take place in the Senate on 26 October.

The review of the divisive text on unemployment insurance stiff arm

The deputies will continue into the evening with the bill on social security. With around 300 changes to the key, it initially plans to expand the stricter rules for access to compensation. As a result of a highly contested reform of Macron’s first five-year term, these rules expire on October 31. The bill also triggers the possibility to adjust the duration of the compensation according to the state of the labor market by decree. “When things go well, we tighten the rules, and when things go bad, we loosen them”summed up in July the Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt, i The Parisian.

Nupes will rise en bloc against the text. Deputies from La France insoumise, calling for a march against high prices on October 16, promise “a parliamentary guerrilla, a hard and tough fight” on this text, according to Alexis Corbière.

On the far right, the RN continues to attack the project “social breakdown” by Emmanuel Macron and is already introducing himself as “the alternative” for 2027. The court will be more conciliatory on unemployment insurance, an LR MP told AFP: “It’s in our DNA, it’s basically going in the right direction.” For quick final adoption, the bill will be considered by the Senate on October 25 at first reading.

The budget for 2023 discussed from 10 October…

The hardest part is yet to come, with the budget proposal for 2023, whose examination is due to begin in the half-year on October 10. This budget, qwhich intends to limit the public deficit to 5% of GDP, especially includes the tariff shield for energy and the salary increase for teachers.

In this text, all eyes are on the Les Républicains party. If the right wing has already assured that it would not vote for this budget, it can abstain or vote against. In case of failure, the President’s majority should prevail. But in the event of opposition from LR, the government will have no choice but to resort to section 49, paragraph 1 of the constitution. 3, to adopt the budget without a vote.

Among the sensitive issues in this Finance Act (PLF) is especially the social situation in relation to inflation. Just like in the summer, the opposition could gather and grab an extension. Nupes and RN also intend to press again for a tax on the super profits of big companies, which have benefited from the explosion in energy prices.

Once 49.3 has been drawn, the left and far right can present a vote of no confidence. These have very little chance of succeeding, as LR does not plan to vote on them at this time.

… and Social Security from 20 October

The same scenario could be repeated on the social security budget (PLFSS) from 20 October. The highly flammable trail after a change to the pension reform in the autumn has cooled down a little, as the government has announced a “consultation” in the light of a text before “end of winter”.

But the postponement of the starting age to 65, dear to Emmanuel Macron, remains one case belli. LFI deputies are already refusing to participate in the consultations.

The inclusion of the right to abortion in the constitution examined in the autumn

ONE much of the French political class was moved, at side offeminist associations, of the historic decision by the United States Supreme Court of repeal the constitutional right to abortion, the end of June. The idea is therefore to sanctify abortion in French law. However, the government has given up proposing a bill and prefers to support the Danish Parliament’s initiatives on the subject.

As part of a parliamentary niche which allows him to set the agenda,the environmental group in the Senate has planned to present a bill to include the right to abortion to the Upper House on 19 October and contraception in the constitution.

The text is supported by left-wing groups and representatives of the president’s majority, but its passage is far from certain in a Senate dominated by the right. The topic could also be brought to the national meeting by the LFI group on November 24 and/or by the Renaissance group a few days later.

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