UGIP Assurances chooses Prima L&H to manage its insurance offers

Paris, 12 October 2022 – An independent wholesale broker established in 1974, Union Générale Interprofessionnelle has chosen the Prima L&H cloud platform developed by Prima Solutions to manage its individual healthcare offers. A first product is already in production on the software, less than two months after the start of the project.

Until now, UGIP Assurances’ portfolios were managed on different systems. The broker wanted to modernize its processes by relying on a single solution and above all wanted to be able to distribute new products quickly. The broker contacted Prima Solutions, which for more than 15 years has positioned itself on the digitization of personal insurance with its Prima L&H software. The solution, which is aimed at companies/mutuals/IPs as well as brokers or delegates, is one of the few on the market that covers the 3 areas (health, life insurance and borrower) within the same platform.

“During the reflection phase, we were able to take advantage of a POC to test Prima L&H and its configuration options from all angles. This exercise reassured the teams and made it possible to speed up decision-making. »explains Brice Le Houérou, CEO of UGIP Assurances.

A face-to-face scoping study with the UGIP Assurances and Prima Solutions teams was immediately launched to examine the gap between the broker’s expectations and the current scope of Prima L&H. The expertise of the Prima Solutions teams is greatly appreciated on this occasion. The timing of the workshops and the opportunity to interact directly with the publisher contributed to the definition of a precise schedule to implement all UGIP Assurances’ products as quickly as possible. Specifically, the project saw the connection of the broker’s front end to Prima L&H via the available APIs, which allowed UGIP Assurances to keep all its added value on its distribution network and benefit from Prima L&H’s power to automate its processes. .

“Time-to-market was a real strategic issue and an important criterion for choosing the solution. We didn’t think it was possible to launch a new individual health insurance product in less than 2 months. With Prima L&H, we have proof of the opposite! », acknowledges Brice Le Houérou, who was able to present the result of this work at the recent mediation days. “This first batch encourages us to consider other projects on our other product lines. The fact that Prima L&H can cover health, personal protection and the borrower at the same time naturally weighed in our decision. This opens up the possibility of operational rationalization in the longer term.”he adds.

“We are happy to support UGIP Security in its ambitious digitization process. »says Hugues Delannoy, Chairman and CEO of Prima Solutions. “Their trust confirms the excellence of our team and the relevance of our product strategy. We have observed that many market players, regardless of their size, are interested in centralizing all their personal insurance products within a single platform. Thanks to the increase in user skills on product configuration, UGIP Assurances will be able to continue to develop its health offer, without refraining from going to a dependent insurance or borrower within the same platform. The gains would be obvious in terms of investment, time spent, settings, training, etc. »

About UGIP Assurances

Founded in 1974, UGIP Assurances is an independent wholesale broker that supports its partners and members throughout the value chain. UGIP Assurances designs, distributes and manages personal insurance products for individuals and professionals. Structure on a human scale, UGIP Assurances has managed to maintain its know-how, its expertise and its proximity to its network of partner brokers over the years.

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