UFC Owner Vacations With Elon Musk, On His Yacht

MMA – Ari Emanuel and Elon Musk were photographed on a Yacht having a good time in the middle of the sea.

Surprising pictures have made the buzz on social networks. The name ofAri Emanuel may not tell you anything. It is however the co-director ofEndeavor Entertainment, with Patrick Whitesell and William Morris. In 2016, the group bought the UFC for the price of $4 billion. For the simple year 2021, the world leader in MMA has achieved more than a billion in turnover. This gamble therefore has nothing really regrettable a priori. Ari Emanuel today leads a dream life in beverly hills in California.

Musk enjoys the UFC

It’s with Elon Musk that he would have decided to share a moment of pleasure on this Yacht which would make more than one dream. The latter seems to have a certain sympathy with certain big names in MMA. He has also made several particularly notable appearances on Joe Rogan’s show. On social networks, some fighters, such as Michael Bisping or Beneil Dariushhave already had exchanges with Musk.


The general manager of Tesla Motors is currently accused of having turned his back on his decision to buy Twitter. He was accused of obtaining company shares without notifying the competent authorities.

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