Two lambs ate at a breeder in Dinéault, near Châteaulin – Brittany

While making his usual rounds of the flock on Thursday morning, Patrick Sastré, owner of the Menez-Hom sheepfold in Dinéault, near Châteaulin, made a macabre discovery on one of his plots: the body of a partially swallowed lamb lying in the meadow , and the upper jaw in a second, a few meters further on.

Is the wolf guilty?

“With the storm the day before, I hadn’t gone around the grounds. It could have happened overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, or from Tuesday to Wednesday,” sighs the breeder. In April 2022, the latter had lost fifteen ewes and a lamb after a dog attack (Le Télégramme of 27 April 2022).

Two agents from the French Biodiversity Organization (OFB) arrived at the site at the beginning of the afternoon to take stock of the situation. The doubt remains: would a wolf have entered the sheepfold? Patrick Sastré, he supports this track by relying on the body of his lamb, a Landes de Bretagne, whose ribs and legs have been eaten. “He has broken bones, it takes at least a wolf to have that kind of force in his jaw. A weaker animal, like a dog or a fox, eats the skin and leaves the bones,’ he argues.

The two animals were found in one of the pastures. (Julie Creignou)

“We must be vigilant”

Philippe Bittel, a retired soldier who lives at the foot of the four-hectare plot, remains cautious about this hypothesis. “If we say it is, we must be sure. Much meat is missing from the corpses. In my opinion, there is not just one predator. A few meters next to the upper jaw of the second lamb, the resident found a 6-digit tag buckle. “The houses around are isolated from noise, I haven’t heard anything unusual for the last two nights,” he says.

Our file on the wolf in Brittany

Pierre Bescou, municipal councilor of Dinéault, went to the Menez-Homs sheepfold to support the breeder. “There are about fifteen farms in the city, it is one of the pillars of our economy. Apart from prevention, we don’t have many levers that enable us to avoid these incidents,” he admits. If the presence of a wolf were to be confirmed at the entrance to the city, the elected official fears an escalation of violence. “Today a lamb, tomorrow calves, cows and children? We must be vigilant. »

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