travel insurance’s new guarantees

With the suitcase, the passport, the bank card and now the phone, insurance is part of the selection necessary for any traveler who needs elsewhere. May he be on the other side of the earth as well as near his home.

Over time, according to technological progress, supply from some or demand from others, if not even the whims of our world, all this equipment has evolved over the decades. Whether it’s equipment, means of payment or communication, everything has adapted and continues to do so. Including even when it comes to holiday insurance‚Ķ

Traditionally numerous with regard to tourism, these have accustomed us to cover our air disappointments, our loss of baggage, interruptions or cancellations of journeys, bodily injuries as well as traffic accidents, plus a whole host of other things regarding the problems that may encounter one day or another on during one’s vacation. And recently, anything that comes close or far from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Logical in itself for a planetary evil whose destruction of the beginning and development of – or – the virus is known to all. Although the pandemic may seem less virulent today, it is still here and expected to last, even if this could manifest in less dramatic forms and aspects in the future than at one time.

Meanwhile, the traveler is always worried, all the more so if he comes into contact with places and peoples in different contexts and situations during his journey. Usually when insurance companies have updated their quotes to cover these new risks.

The Covid and its consequences on our holidays are therefore now taken into account with contracts that already cover cancellation if we get infected before departure, or even sometimes if it is a relative who suffers from a severe form of Covid.
And then, of course, on the spot, options for teleconsultations-advice, guarantee of coverage of medical expenses or procedures for their reimbursement with social security, sometimes very high costs during mandatory quarantine, if not even organizing repatriation for the most sensitive cases or early return for concerning the family.
The only obligation is to respect the prohibitions decided by the local authorities both here and in the countries where you will be staying.

In short, for Covid risks as for other possible disappointments, insurance has become an essential part of preparing for a peaceful trip.

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