Transport: a seminar on faculty insurance in Baguida

(Togo First) – Since Monday, November 21, in Baguida, a seminar has been held on the Faculty’s insurance, more specifically around the theme: “Cargo insurance provisions, scope of coverage and compensation procedures”. This specific category of insurance products covers the risks that goods incur during transport (sea, land or even air).

The exchange and training meeting, organized jointly by the insurance regulator and the National Insurance Directorate, as part of its 2022 training program for the market and players, should allow for an exchange on regulatory developments in the field of maritime transport.

In particular, the three days of work enabled the players to acquire several tools on several topics, which should help them to better understand the contours of handling cargo insurance, the current rules and new legislative developments.

The birth of insurance finds its origin in the development of transport, especially sea transport, which has favored the emergence of other modes of transport with the development of road, rail and air axes. “, explained the Cabinet Director of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Kossi Tofio.

This session, which ends on Wednesday, is being held as the country, with its port activities on the rise, wants to position itself as a major exchange point in the sub-region with important transport activities.

Last year, the port of Lomé, a container port in West Africa and the fourth on the continent, registered 1,962,304 containers in 2021 against 1,725,270 TEU in 2020, an annual increase of 13.7%.

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