Traffic and mobility – Electric scooters: liability insurance is mandatory

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If you own an electric scooter, you must take out specific liability insurance for damages you may cause while riding this vehicle. Personal insurance can also be useful for injuries you may suffer. You may also want to insure your scooter, depending on its value.

If you are one of the growing number of users of electric scooters, or if you are considering buying one, you should know that you need to take out liability insurance to cover the damages you may cause in the event of an accident you have made during your journeys with this “personal motorized transport device”, according to its name in the Road Traffic Act.

A decree of 23 October 2019 defined the characteristics of the electric scooter and brought it into the broad category of “motor vehicles on land”, which must be covered by insurance guaranteeing the driver’s civil liability (Article L211-1 of the Insurance Law).

The driver of an uninsured scooter can be fined up to €3,750. In the event of an accident, any damage caused to third parties will first be covered by the Guarantee Fund, which will then turn against the driver.

A specific warranty

Contrary to a still too widespread idea, the multi-risk insurance in your home does not cover the use of an electric scooter, which must be guaranteed by a specific contract, like a car or a motorcycle, to respond to damages caused by third parties … You must be able to prove that you have taken out this insurance and have its certificate with you, which must also be visible on your scooter (green label).

In addition to this mandatory liability insurance, you can also take out a personal driver guarantee or an individual accident guarantee, depending on the insurance terminology. It will cover the damage you may suffer alone (there are many falls without another vehicle involved on a scooter), in addition to the medical expenses reimbursed by the health insurance.

A life accident guarantee contract may cover this risk if specified in its clauses.

Insurance for your scooter, depending on its value

Depending on the value of your scooter, which depends on its purchase price and its age, you can also take out a guarantee against various material risks: accident, damage, theft (this risk may be covered by home insurance).

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