Tornadoes in Nord-Pas-de-Calais: steps to take immediately with insurance

Several villages in Hauts-de-France were swept away by tornadoes on Sunday night, causing extensive damage. The Bapaume sector in the south of Arrageois is one of them. What does the insurance provide in this situation? Should we wait to be compensated until the state of natural disaster is recognized? We take stock.

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Shaved houses, blown roofs… This Sunday evening Nord and Pas-de-Calais were hit by violent winds that caused great damage. A village near Bapaume was hit by a tornado that swept away three quarters of the homes. Two hundred people had to be moved in the evening. According to the mayor of Bihucourt Benoît Caille, “ 80% of the city is affected. Some houses have been razed, the walls have collapsed. It is as if bombs had fallen on Bihucourt. It will take months to rebuild everything. »

Are we insured in case of a tornado?

Home insurance policies cover the insured for numerous guarantees; burglary, water damage, frozen pipes or even storms. With this storm warranty, individuals are protected in the event of damage caused by the wind (falling tree, damaged roof, furniture damaged by the rain, etc.) and therefore in the event of a tornado.

What are the first steps to take?

To get proper compensation, the first thing you need to do is to report the loss to your insurance company (with registered letter and acknowledgment of receipt) within 5 working days, states the French Insurance Federation (FFA). Several documents must also be provided: a description of the damage suffered and a list of all damaged or missing items. In order to quantify the compensation as precisely as possible, it is advisable to attach as many purchase or repair invoices, notarial letters, contracts or photographs as possible.

If you repair part or all of the damage yourself, you must keep your invoices for the purchase of materials: they will be taken into account by your insurance company. “, specifies the FFA.

The owner who has not taken out home insurance – not mandatory unlike renters, but highly recommended – must assume alone full financial responsibility.

Should we wait to be compensated until the state of natural disaster is recognized?

The answer is no! Recognition of the natural disaster condition makes it possible to compensate for risks not covered by insurance contracts. However, the tornado is part of it, as part of the house insurance’s storm guarantee, recalls the French insurance association. So there is no need to wait for the natural disaster condition to be recognized to be compensated.


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