top 10 largest insurance companies

A handful of banks and insurance companies monopolize the mass of 1804 billion euros in life insurance! The top 5 insurance companies manage more than half of the savings. The top 10 monopolize 81% of the market share!

1 Credit Agricole Assurances

The Crdit Agricole group is a leader and the led 276.41 billion euros life insurance deposits and capitalization contracts. Already elbow-to-elbow with CNP last year, Crédit Agricole took first place this year. This bancassurance company brings together two separate entities operating in the life insurance market: Predica, which manages the banking contracts for Crdit Agricole and LCL; as well as Spirica, which deals with online banking contracts BforBank, online savings platforms (Linxea, Meilleurtaux Placement, etc.) or asset management advisory networks.

2 NPCs

Last year, CNP was in first place, just ahead of the Crdit Agricole group. CNP Assurances is therefore on the second step of the podium and grabs the end of 2021, 270 billion euros. After falling from €273 billion at the end of 2017 to €267 billion at the end of 2020, CNP Assurances’ outstanding is again on the rise. Most of the savings managed by CNP Assurances come from the banking networks Caisse d’Epargne and La Banque Postale, but also from its private management structure, CNP Patrimoine.

3 BNP Paribas Cardiff

146 billion euros. The subsidiary of the eponymous group manages the parent company’s banking products (including the flagship Multiplacements 2 contract) as well as contracts distributed by wealth management advisers. BNP Paribas Cardiff moves up from 5th to 3rd place in 2021.

4 Credit Mutual

145.7 billion euros. Behind the Crdit Mutuel group hides a more complex reality: the insurance association, France Assureurs, includes ACM Vie, the specialized subsidiary of Federal Alliance Crdit Mutuel (the dominant group of Crdit Mutuel), and Suravenir, a subsidiary of the Arka group ( Crdits Mutuels de Bretagne et du Sud Ouest, in particular). In this large unit are all contracts from the Crdit Mutuel networks, but also from CIC, Monabanq, Fortuneo, certain online brokers, several asset management networks, etc.

5 Axa France Insurance

144.6 billion euros. Here again, the differences are insignificant, between BNP Paribas, Crdit Mutuel and Axa… but Axa France Assurance nevertheless remains year after year in the first places in the ranking established by France Assureurs. Axa relies mainly on its network of general agents (and on a few alternative channels, such as the powerful savings association Agipi).

6 Societe Generale

117 billion euros. Socit General Insurance is stable in 6th place. The subsidiary of the red and black bank manages both the policies of the parent company, but also online or legacy contracts via its Orada Vie branch.

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105.66 billion euros. Aviva France, acquired in 2021 by Ama, a group born from the merger of Macif and Asio Mutuelle, is now the 7th life insurer according to the ranking provided by France Assureurs. One place up compared to 2020, especially thanks to its historic partnership with the most famous savings association: Afer.

8 – General

96 billion euros. Generali loses a place. Generali’s offers are distributed by the network of general agents, by partner wealth management advisors as well as by online players such as ING, Boursorama, Altaprofits or Linxea. Generali France has stood out since autumn 2019 for its willingness to limit flows to the fund in euros. A testament confirmed at the beginning of 2021: Since then, in 2020 and still today, we are at a minimum of 50% of units of account for each payment, Hugues Aubry, member of the executive committee of Generali France, declared MoneyVox.


80.3 billion euros. The BPCE group left in 11th place and even passed AG2R La Mondiale. The BPCE group, which was previously associated with CNP Assurance, chose in 2016 to entrust the distribution of life insurance to the group’s internal insurance company, BPCE Vie.

10 AG2R La Mondiale

78 billion euros. The AG2R group is back in 10th place after 2 years in 9th place ahead of Allianz who leave this position and come in 11th place. The main enabler for this pension, health and survivorship specialist: top class life and property insurance.

Big contract ≠ best life insurance

Do the insurance companies in this top 10 offer the best contracts? The question is more complex. Most of them market several offers: both entry-level banking contracts with low-yielding euro funds, high payment fees or limited options, but also property insurance with numerous options or even offer online savings account, reduced fees. One thing remains: in the world of life insurance, mass contracts are rarely the most profitable.

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