This search engine has no advertising and its use is one of the best alternatives to Google that we have tried.

Neeva is a powerful AI-based search engine that only shows you real search results.

Neeva is a new search engine based on artificial intelligence

Undoubtedly, Google is the best search engine you can use today, as it is the one that gives you the most relevant search results on the topic you are looking for, but its main disadvantages are the large amount of advertising it shows you, that records all the searches you perform.

Until now, Google’s search engine has had rivals such as DuckDuckGo, StartPage or Qwant that respected privacy but fell short in terms of quantity and quality of search results, but now a new search engine has just arrived that has not, and which uses AI to show you relevant results.

This new search engine is called Neeeva, and it has a mobile app that’s one of the best we’ve tested on Android.

Neeva arrives to compete head-to-head with Google

Neeva is a web search engine that stands out, first of all, because it only shows you real search results, where you will never see ads, and because it also promises to block third-party tracking.

But without a doubt, the great strength of Neeva is that it incorporates a feature called NeevaAI based on ChatGPT technology that gives you precise answers based on the most relevant search result sources. To do this, according to its creators, Neeeva tracks hundreds of millions of web pages every day and always shows you the source of answers so you know where the information is coming from.

It’s also worth noting that Neeva integrates seamlessly with services like Dropbox or Slack, which allow you to search for your own private documents.


This is what Neeva’s web interface looks like

When you first open Neeva, you’ll see a somewhat different interface from other browsers, as a search box appears at the top, a series of shortcuts on the left that allow you to return to the home page, enter search engine settings or access incognito mode, and related searches on the right side.

The big difference Neeva has to other search engines is that it lets you specify which results are relevant to you, so the search results it shows you will be based on your personal preferences.

To customize your search results in Neeva, you can do so either by going to the Custom Channel section, clicking the Custom button and selecting the news sources you trust most, or by clicking the drop-down menu that appears in the header of a URL in the search results and by checking one of the three available options: Prefer more, No preference or Prefer less.

In addition to its web version and its extensions for the main desktop browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox, Neeva also has a very complete and functional mobile application, since it chooses a simple and intuitive interface with a bottom bar with five tabs from which you can control everything related to web browsing:

  • Behind
  • Neeva: if you leave it down, a pop-up will appear at the bottom showing you the results related to the web you’re visiting
  • Bookmarks: Tapping this option allows you to save a link to read later and create your own “Space” to group specific web links according to your theme.
  • Tabs: clicking this button allows you to manage open tabs, open new tabs and view active tabs, as well as enable incognito mode or access your favorites

Likewise, in the upper left corner you will also see a button with the icon of a shield through which you can customize the Neeva Shield feature, which is the one responsible for blocking trackers and ads and windows cookie pop-ups.

Neeva offers two plans: a free ad-free plan that limits some of its features, and a paid plan that gives you access to additional features such as unlimited ad-free searches, VPN or password manager, for $5 $0.99. euros per month or 49.99 euros per year.

If you want to try this promising search engine on your Android mobile, you can download its free application directly from the Play Store link that we leave below.

Google Play Store | Neeva browser and search engine

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