This is how one of the Google Pixel Fold’s most requested features works

Google has come up with a curious solution to implement Do Not Disturb mode in what will be its first foldable phone.

Image of the Google Pixel Fold

A little over a week ago, we had some new news about the Google Pixel Fold. The latest leak has revealed new details about what will be the first folding of the Big G. Among other things, we get a screen of 6.79 inches and only 5.7 millimeters thick.

However, today we received confirmation via 9to5Google that foldable phone users will receive one of the most requested features for foldable phones: an ability to put the phone on silent when folded. The question is, will it work on these terminals?

Turn to Shhh, one of the flagship features of the Pixel Fold

From the source, they were tasked with digging in and out of Digital Wellbeing version 1.5, where they discovered some text related to the Flip to Shhh feature:

To enable Do Not Disturb mode, make sure the phone is folded and placed with the screen facing a flat surface. You will notice a subtle vibration when Do Not Disturb mode is enabled.

According to the support, this is the most relevant information that was extracted during the testing of the application.

Google Pixel Fold: The complete design of Google’s first foldable mobile is revealed

Basically, what the user is asked to do is to fold their phone and place it with the screen down to mute it completely. This is Google’s approach to solving this problem, and it seems the most obvious (basically because no one would think to unfold the phone in this orientation).

At least we don’t know yet when the Pixel Fold will arrive. It’s clear that Google still has a few tricks up its sleeve. We hope that with some of them they will try to get closer to the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, which so far continues to be at the forefront of these terminals.

We will be on standby should further news arise. At the moment, the Google Pixel Fold is still a bit far away, although we hope it will continue to get closer over time.

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