These powdered chocolates are the worst for your health according to 60 million consumers

For many, it is the morning ritual that brings a small moment of sweetness. Hot chocolate is part of the eating habits of many French people. But some preparations are less harmless than others.

In a process of transparency, 60 million consumers sifted through fifteen brands of powdered chocolate to determine which have the greatest health benefits and which to avoid.

The study, published in the magazine, condemns the sugar content, which remains very high in all products.

“Thus, a 200ml bowl provides an average of 20g of sugar: this represents 40% of the recommended intake!” its authors are troubled.

Two marks set on the index

In addition, the fiber content is also considered disappointing in most chocolate powders. The less cocoa they contain, the less fiber they are.

But all is not bleak in this study. Also, 60 million consumers are happy about the absence of additives, with a few exceptions.

In its ranking, two brands are therefore blacklisted: the chocolate powder Ovomaltine comes in last place because of its sugar content and its additives.

Finally, Cankao without aspartame from Canderel is also poorly ranked due to the presence of three synthetic sweeteners in its composition.

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