Théo and Charlène ready to destroy Ferigno… The recap ahead of January 13 (SPOILERS)

Charlène and Théo blame their father for not warning them of his poisoning. He explains that he didn’t want them to charge Ferigno. Théo and Charlène insist that Emmanuel fire Tom from the institute and file a complaint. But he defends it and reminds that he will make his decision after the championship. Constance understands that her husband does not think Tom is guilty. Teyssier admits to him that he wonders how Ferigno managed to get him accused.

Rejected by his banker, who laughed in his face, Lionel believes that his project will not succeed. Eliott advises him to introduce him to Antoine Myriel, remembering that his traveling restaurant was funded by the Institute.

Clotilde informs the contestants of the competition the exclusion of Tom after a disciplinary sanction. Charlene reveals that her father was poisoned, but Chief Armand remembers that Tom did not confess. She chose Mehdi to replace him in Teyssier’s team.

Zacharie tells Laëtitia that he has been unlucky since he lost his bracelet. Not being superstitious, she makes fun of him. She soon admits to Salomé that she will only return her bracelet to him once he has managed to finish his cake.

hard shocks

Enzo asks Teyssier why he fired Tom when he knows he’s not guilty and why he agreed to replace him with Mehdi, who is part of the circle. The manager assures him that he has a plan and asks him not to spoil anything.

Lionel presents his project to Antoine. But the latter tells him that the institute does not have the budget. He advises him to work for a few years in a brigade to raise funds before starting. Lionel refuses, claiming that his concept does not yet exist and that it is time to launch it.

Bad luck continues for Zacharie. He informs Laëtitia that the chef has canceled his order because it took too long to make the cake. He even takes a ball to the head while they are talking in the park.

In the kitchen, Hortense admits to Mehdi that she is happy that he is there and that they are spending time together. He freezes and sends her away to remind her that nothing has changed between them. Enzo takes Mehdi aside and defends Hortense, who is just trying to be nice to him. Mehdi explains that he is ready to forgive her, but that he wants to keep his distance from her because he is afraid that Ferigno will take it out on her.


Ferigno apologizes to Emmanuel for accusing him. Teyssier reveals to him that he still believes he is guilty. He is happy to have recovered thanks to him Mehdi, a good guy who will never turn against him. He claims that Ferigno has no chance of winning.

Lionel is upset after his meeting with Antoine. Eliott advises him to start a participatory campaign. After a few hours it won’t take off. Eliott suggests that he be sponsored by a renowned chef who knows vegetarian cuisine well.

Laëtitia ends up returning the bracelet to Zacharie. She explains that she found it in the kitchens. Minutes later he receives a message from his client who finally gives him a longer deadline because he loved his sketch.

Vic congratulates Mehdi on his place in Teyssier’s squad. Tensed, the latter blames him for drawing him into the circle because he knows Ferigno will ask him to betray Teyssier. To the chief, who interrupts them, he admits that he regrets joining the Circle. He doesn’t want to attack Teyssier who didn’t do anything to him. Ferigno responds by reminding that the members’ interests come first. Realizing that Mehdi is no longer reliable, the Chief slips Vic that he will attack the family of Teyssier, his rock.

Laëtitia evokes the superstition of Friday the 13th with Antoine. He doesn’t think so. But he gets locked in his office.

Ferigno takes it out on Charlène, who can’t keep up in the kitchen. She admits that she is uncomfortable working with her father’s enemy. The boss takes the opportunity to suggest that Emmanuel may have poisoned himself to restore Mehdi. Charlène reports these words to Theo. She thinks of Tom who never confessed. They want to talk to him. Tom explains that Teyssier is aware of his innocence and considers him a secondary victim. Charlene eventually realizes that Ferigno is behind it all. Theo and she decide to take on the chef at his own game.

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