Thélem assurances, slowly but surely

The Thélem assurances group publishes its 2021 SFCR report.

INFOGRAPHIC – The Thélem assurances group posted a turnover increase of 3.1% over one year and passed the bar of 400M euros, to 402.4M euros.

After showing resilience during the health crisis, the Thélem assurances group is persevering. In 2021, the mutual player reveals a turnover up 3.1%, to 402.4 million euros. It had recorded an increase of 4.2% in 2020. The Thélem assurances entity has a turnover of 387.9M euros, against 377.3M euros in 2020.

On the provident side, turnover increased by 34.6% over one year, to 11 million euros. For Thélem foresight, “ the S/C is improving thanks to a 35% increase in premiums and a lower increase in the cost of claims “, can we read in the SFCR report of the group.

Over the year, the group acquired more than 394 million euros in premiums, against 279 million euros in expenses. Results higher than the previous year since in 2020, all the entities collected 382M euros in premiums and paid 260.6M euros in expenses.

Net income remained stable at 7.5 million euros. The insurance company posted a positive net result of 6.6 million euros, unlike the insurance branch which showed a deficit of 0.5 million euros.

Group solvency gains 33 points

Although it remained in a healthy environment, the solvency ratio of the Thélem assurances group had been steadily losing points since 2018. It thus fell below the 200% bar in 2020, at 189%. It is now ancient history since the solvency ratio of the mutualist group is gaining altitude. In 2021, it stands at 222%, an increase of 33 points. This ratio is 230% for Thélem Assurances and 276% for Thélem Prévoyance.

Equity amounted to 373.9M euros at the end of 2021, compared to 319M euros the previous year.

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