Their dog spends the whole night barking, they burst out laughing when they find out the reason the next morning (video)

A dog named Alexa stayed up all night and barked into the early hours of the morning, disturbing the sleep of her family members, who could not identify the cause of her restlessness. It was only in the light of day that they had the answer to their question.

Alexa is a brave and vigilant dog, ready to do anything to protect his family. When she starts barking in the middle of the night, her people always take her seriously and rush to inspect the area around the house.

Recently his mistress Christina Bingman was woken up at 2am by his barking. These clearly meant thatAlexa noticed a suspicious presence around the property. The whole family was awakened from sleep.

Christina Bingman and his people thought first of their chickens. They went out to see them, but they slept soundly. They walked around the house and everything seemed normal. Alexahowever, continued to bark insistently.

They had no idea what made the dog so restless. When everything seemed to be alright after all, the household went back to sleep. With the exception ofAlexa which was still in alert mode.

Christina Bingman was awakened several times, but still had no explanation for her dog’s unusual behavior.

It was only a few hours later, at dawn, that one of his children solved the riddle. Alexa barked because there was a cat at the window. It was not a real cat, but the image of a feline on a bag of food placed behind the window. The image was larger than life and gave the impression that the animal was keeping an eye on the interior of the house. Everyone laughed to tears when they found out.

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“A giant cat watched her through the window all night”

My youngest told me to look out the window and laughed at how real the cat on the bag looked and how huge it was. From then on, I understood what Alexa had been trying to tell me. There was a huge cat staring at her through the window all night “, Narrator Christina Bingman on The Dodo.

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? original sound – Ctina

Normally the mother of the family hides the bag of cat food in a box, but it was damaged that day. Not wanting her pets to have access to it, she put it outside on a table and against the window.

Little did she suspect that it would give her a sleepless night, then a giggle.


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