The uncertainty of thousands of migrants stuck at the Mexico-US border

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Thousands of migrants are these days concentrated on the border between Mexico and the United States, attracted by Washington’s decision to cancel the immediate expulsions for health reasons, a measure in force for two years due to Covid -19.

With our correspondent in Mexico, Emmanuelle Steels

Several thousand migrants are concentrating on the Mexican side, on the border with the United States, attracted by Washington’s decision to cancel the immediate deportations for health reasons related to Covid-19, established in March 2020 by Donald Trump. But the decision has been suspended by the US Supreme Court, potentially extending the official border closure.

Behind rolls of barbed wire, the soldiers wait for the migrants on the American side. In the past few days, several border cities have declared a state of emergency and are preparing for massive arrivals, while tens of thousands of migrants concentrated on the Mexican side, waiting for this Wednesday, December 21, 2022, to cross …

Two and a half million migrants expelled

This date was actually supposed to mark the end of the expedited deportations by the US authorities, those that have been in effect for almost three years. In total, two and a half million migrants were deported upon entering the United States, without having the opportunity to apply for asylum. But the US Supreme Court dashed the hopes of these Mexican, Venezuelan and Central American migrants by extending the authorization of expedited deportation. These will not be suspended today and those gathered at the border are doomed to uncertainty. They camp in the streets of Mexican cities while migrant shelters are full.

More and more of them are considering an illegal crossing, ready to take greater and greater risks to reach the United States. In 2022, more than 850 migrants died trying to cross the border. Border towns on the US side have declared a state of emergency in light of the increasing number of illegal crossings, and the military has been deployed at certain strategic locations to prevent migrants from crossing.

This year, US authorities intercepted more than 2.8 million migrants at the border, mostly Mexicans, Central Americans and Venezuelans, a staggering number compared to previous years.

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